101 Hotel Website Essentials — #55 Book Direct Section

Hello, I’m Kush Patel from Infinity Innovations
and Xperience Xpeditions, and this is the 101 Essentials for turning a hotel website
into a revenue-generating machine, an ultimate guide for hoteliers to consistently generate
more bookings, grow profits and eventually break-free from the OTA dependence. I invite you to join this micro-expedition
to Xplore. Essential Number Fifty – Five, Book Direct
Section Online Travel Agencies are undeniably dominating
the hotel industry. Almost 8 out of 10 bookings are made through
OTAs which is a clear indication of booming business of OTAs. But, what about hotels like you? You end up paying more and more commissions
with every booking and that hurts your pockets very deeply. Right? I am sure you cannot agree more. It is high time for you to stop investing
in OTA commissions and invest rightly for increasing direct bookings for your hotel
and the journey starts by adding a book direct section on your hotel website. Book Direct Section gives you a chance to
inform the looker why it is beneficial for them to book directly with you over any Online
Travel Agents. You can here show them straight what additional
value they would get by booking directly with you. Let me give you three strong reasons why you
need book direct section: Number 1: pocket-friendly
Yes, the direct booking section will be the most pocket-friendly thing that you can have
on your hotel website. While you end up paying hefty commissions
to OTAs, why not start saving by offering direct bookings. Even after you offer discounts like 10% to
your guests directly, you will save about 20% from the commission that OTAs charge you. Number 2: customer data insights
OTAs have strict clauses on the data of customers that they bring to your hotel. You need to accept the fact that they are
OTA’s customers and not yours. While if the customer books directly with
you, you have his data and with that comes a million opportunities to retarget them with
your offerings! Number 3: loyal fans
It is said that the guest who books through your website directly is more likely to be
a returning guest. They will feel the vibe of your property even
through your website which is more than enough to compel them to stay with you again. You can also offer them your loyalty programme. Now that you know how crucial it is for you
to add a book direct section to your website, let me give you a quick tip. You can make your book direct section powerful
by adding up a few elements like: * A powerful headline (For example: Book Direct
For Guaranteed Best Rates) * A supporting headline (For example Eliminate
Third Party Service Fees) * Bullet points (For example: Early Check-In,
Late Check-Out, Free Pickup) * CTA Button
* And last but not the least, you should create a compelling Book Direct offer that gives
your website an edge over OTAs. In the next post of this series, I am going
to help you Xplore how to drive your guests to book directly with you over OTAs? Meanwhile, make sure you download the FREE
Checklist of 101 Essentials to turn your hotel website into a revenue-generating machine.

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