12 Doom Eternal Tips And Tricks To Conquer Hell

Does the Doom Slayer look like a man who would
search for Doom Eternal tips? That guy never met a problem he couldn’t
chainsaw in half. We at Rock Paper Shotgun are mere mortals,
however, so have no shame looking for some help to rip and tear and all the other horrible
verbs you’ll be doing to demons. From the best perks, to faster weapon improvement
to tackling the more stubborn enemies, these quick tips should improve your game in no
time. As always please do add your own wisdom in
the comments below and subscribe to Rock Paper Shotgun for more of this lovely stuff… Smaller fodder enemies, like the shambling
zombies, do so little damage it’s not worth taking them out early on. Instead, keep them alive to use as ammo packs,
by chainsawing them, or health packs by performing glory kills. The thing to watch out with glory kills is
that you don’t kill them by mistake with powerful weapons – rockets, ballistas and
explosives will turn them into jam. It takes two shots from a battle rifle or
plasma beam to stagger them for a glory kill, so switch to these if you’re looking for
health. A note on the chainsawing them for ammo: it
only takes one bar of saw fuel to chop up smaller enemies, and this regenerates by itself,
so don’t grab fuel pickups for mincing these smaller creatures. While we are talking chainsaw: these kills
generate ammo for every weapon apart from the BFG and Crucible, so it’s a huge waste
to use that fuel just to refuel a single gun. Pop into the weapon wheel and try guns you
never touch before chopping up enemies. As for collecting fuel canisters: you should
only do this once you have one bar of fuel, as otherwise you are throwing away that freebie,
so keep an eye on the counter before grabbing a tank. The game also doesn’t make it explicitly
clear: the bigger the enemy, the more fuel needed. Heavy demons – listed here in the codex take
three and any of the super demons listed in the enemy codex can’t be killed with a chainsaw. So don’t bother! If you’re anything like me, the Flame Belch
didn’t initially get as much love as the glory kills, chainsaw and grenades as it’s
over pretty fast and is reasonably forgettable. But the shield shards it generates make a
huge difference and can be easily maximised to make burning a lot juicier. One smart way to use it is to find a cluster
of enemies, set them on fire and run off to carry on the fight – those zombies continue
to burn and drop armour for you to collect later when you need it. If things are more pressing, you might prefer
the rush of armour from doing huge damage to a burning enemy. For smaller enemies, use a belch and drop
a grenade to explode a gang into a shower of green. Or if you’re about to chainsaw an enemy,
hit them with flame belch first, to get armour and the ammo. For larger enemies, the flame belch doesn’t
last as long, so should always be paired with a grenade to cause big damage quickly. I also like to use flame belch on larger enemies
when they’re staggered – that way the glory kill results in health *and* armour. Basically: always partner it with a big damage
move. Also: try and hit bigger groups by leading
enemies into corridors or tight caves – also a great opportunity to use a grenade as everyone
is stuck in there. There are several ways to farm ammo. As mentioned before, there are smaller zombies
around the level – you can wait for your chainsaw to regenerate fuel and wipe them out to fill
your pockets. Another handy way to generate a little bit
of ammo on the side is to invest in three Praetor Suit upgrades in the fundamental tree:
the Explosive Pinata upgrade causes explosive barrels to drop ammo and the Regenerating
Barrel upgrade causes explosive barrels to respawn after a time, giving you a potentially
endless supply of ammo drops. If you want to be safe you can also buy the
Thicker Skin upgrade, so barrels don’t melt your face. This ammo farming is particularly useful when
trying Secret Encounters – these bonus fights tend to eat through your best ammo and if
you fail, you might not have enough to retry. Using nearby barrels to refill, gives you
a better shot at success. Or you could just fire a BFG into the secret
encounter fight, which is basically an instant win in most fights. Once you’ve bought all the upgrades for
a weapon mod you get a challenge to unlock mastery for that weapon – things like five
sticky bombs for the shotgun, instead of three. Some of these challenges can take a long time
if you leave them to naturally happen in the campaign – blowing up 25 Arachnotron turrets
relies on you fighting 25 Arachnotrons. But these stats stack between deaths and checkpoint
reloads, so one quick way to unlock mastery upgrades is to find an enemy near a checkpoint
that satisfies a challenge – like these Arachnatrons here – and keep pulling off the move and reloading
in order to zip through the task. Trust me, the guns are so much more fun with
these unlocked – being able to use Chaingun’s mobile turret with no weapon stalling? You need this as early as possible. You could also use the Ripatorium in the Fortress
of Doom for some of these, but sometimes you don’t visit the hub for long stretches of
time, which is why I like to tackle them in missions. The reload trick also works for mission challenges
– most of these are easy, but a few that require you to pull off specific glory kills can be
easier if you reload the enemy in question. It has the whiff of cheese, but you’ll soon
down that out with the scent of demon guts. When you meet most enemy types you are given
a tutorial about their weaknesses, but there are others you can find by reading the index. A Pinkie, for example, can be instantly killed
with a blood punch, instead of targeting the fleshy tail. And the Ballista is extra lethal against the
Pain Elementals. Likewise, while the Plasma Beam is recommended
for the Doom Hunters shields, the Microwave beam eats through it more quickly. Also, I personally like to leave the Carcass
enemies alive until the end as shooting their shields with the plasma beam explodes them
and hurts other nearby enemies. The best rune, at least early on, and so the
first you should unlock, is the Chrono Strike. If you watched my Doom Eternal review you’ll
know how obsessed I am with this, mainly because I like slow-mo, but also because it’s incredibly
overpowered. It lets you slow time in the air when you
hold left trigger, which triggers weapons secondary fire modes. The obvious use is using the jump pads to
get airborne, then using it to aim a precision bolt with the sniper scope of the Heavy Cannon
or plant a sticky bomb with the shotgun. I use sticky bombs more as you can attach
it to enemy weak points you’d target with the precision bolt, but also get the extra
damage from the explosion. So use it for things like Revenant cannons,
Arachnatron cannons, bombing a Cacodemon’s mouth, or the Mancubus arm cannons. It’s also good for enemies that are chasing
you like Hell Knight, run into a jump pad and then aim down to stick mines to your pursuer. Up in the air you’re harder to hit and you
have that amazing read of the battlefield. But you don’t have to rely on jump pad – a
simple jump in the air is enough to trigger the move, and if you hold the left trigger
as you hit the ground, you’ll remain in Chrono Strike for a few seconds – this is
great for jumping, whipping out the Chaingun mobile cannon and then unleashing hell in
bullet time. Does it help you much? Maybe not, but it is cool. Speaking of slow mo, don’t forget that the
game enters slow motion when you are in weapon wheel, but you remain control of your character. It’s not the best way of dodging projectiles
and such, but it can be useful for getting a read on the battlefield, taking the time
to see what is trying to kill you and working out which enemy to target first. Speaking of other runes. I like to use the remaining slots for Saving
Throw and Punch and Reave. Punch and Reave gives you more health drops
from enemies killed with blood punch, making it really useful for attacking groups of smaller
enemies if you don’t have chainsaw fuel – also blood punch gets stronger throughout
the campaign, gaining more charges once you’ve killed a certain boss, for example, so becomes
a stronger weapon. Lean into it. Second chance is the slow motion burst of
speed when you are about to die – it only triggers once per life, but can save you in
a tight spot during longer fights. The important thing with this is to use that
slow motion window in a smart way – use that time to escape from whatever it was that killed
you to begin with, or, even better, target the closest fodder enemy to get an easy glory
kill. Don’t try and dramatic slow motion last
stand against a super demon; you are neither Butch, nor the Sundance Kid. Doom Eternal has 8000 upgrade trees – okay,
technically four, but it feels like 8000. The most important one is Sentinel Crystals
as these not only increase health, armour and ammo, but unlock passive buffs. For this reason, once you start collecting
Sentinel Batteries to open new rooms in the Fortress of Doom, the first things to unlock
are the two Sentinel Crystal rooms, which are here and here on the map. Once you open them, focus on Ammo upgrades
first as the initial ammo count on the guns is brutally small. Once you’ve got ammo upgrades, you should
pick upgrades that unlock good buffs – I really recommend Loot Magnet to hoover stuff up at
speed and Belch Armour Boost to speed up flaming armour drops. As for the Praetor suit: I actually ignored
all the exploration upgrades until the end, as I found the regular map very generous at
marking power-ups – as long as you fully move around each room, your radar should ping most
question marks. A matter of personal taste, but these feel
like a waste early on. For me, the really important ones are Faster
Dasher, which recharges dash quickly; Hit and Run, which refills dash on a glory kill
– great for getting in and out super fast. I then brought all the Frag Grenade powers
– saving up early for Frag Stock Up. Dropping two grenades in succession is brilliant
to pair with Flame Belch in a tight space – if it doesn’t kill outright, it’ll shower
you with shields. Finally, as mentioned before: Regenerating
Barrels and Explosive Pinatas are good for some cheesy ammo farming. Honestly, don’t sweat Praetor suit upgrades:
by the end of the game I had more Praetor coins than I could actually spend. For my money the Marauder is the hardest enemy
to kill in the game – he’s not a massive threat compared to some, but he’s often
the last enemy standing, just because you didn’t have time to deal with him. Fighting this guy is like a duel, as the best
way to hurt him is to counter him when his eyes flash green – it means he will drop his
shield and attack you head on. The in-game tutorial recommends a medium distance
as he uses a shotgun close-up and red projectile far away. But I find the best way to take him down is
to keep far away. For one, his red blast is easy to dodge with
a sideways dash, and after he fires it, he’ll often charge towards you and go into a green
eye attack – it makes it really easy to predict the move and hit him with a super shotgun. This staggers him and lets you take a second
shot. Now use dash to create distance and repeat. You can actually hurt him with grenades and
by shooting rockets past him and using remote detonation modifier to hit his back, but this
takes a lot longer and forces you to constantly hunt for more ammo. The other enemy I hate is the Archvile because
he raises a legion of super fast, super deadly demons, that won’t revert to normal until
the Archvile is dead. For this reason, I save my Crucible charges
for this guy – the ammo for this sword is ultra rare, but it’s one hit kill for anything
except the Marauder or the Hunter, and is easily the quickest way of bringing down the
Archvile (short of the BFG, but ammo for that is even more rare). I don’t think I used the Crucible for any
enemy apart from the Archvile. Finally, and this one is super cheap: if are
struggling with the Slayer Gates, which are needed to get keys to unlock the Unmayker
weapon in the Fortress of Doom, just whack down the difficulty before you jump in – you
can change the difficulty without resetting a level, and these are an absolute doddle
on Don’t Hurt me Please. It’s cheap, but cheap works. And those are just a few tips to help you
have a smoother time with the game. To be honest, with the flexible difficulty
its very easy to find a pace that suits you, but I hope these tips maybe help you push
outside of your comfort zone – as I said in my review, this is where the game really came
to life for me. If you have any questions about these tips,
let me know, and I’ll be sure to answer them. And do share your own tips – I’m particularly
interested to hear if you find any deadly weapon/enemy combinations. And if you’re looking for collectibles,
we’ve got a link to a written Doom Eternal collectibles guide in the description. Hope it helps and thanks for watching. Bye!

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  • I would just like to contrast the writing of Rock Paper Shotgun with the "Wired" brand of journalism which called Doom Eternal's lore "overwrought" as well as complaining that Doom 2016 was too on the nose or not on the nose enough. Its sad to see E-Journalism is effectively a bunch of Ivy League jerk offs shitposting like emo edgelords: https://www.wired.com/story/doom-eternal-review/

    RPS is what I would call considered, even handed and honest impartial reporting. Its a shame Wired is run by self hating cucks and soft handed, illegal alien housekeeper employing SJW vegan numbnuts, they would not understand karmic metaphors even if climate change burnt down their parents California vineyard, yet one of their gamma male ranks would impugn my spiralling heavy metal narratives.

    I pitched the Doom 2016 concept to the Black Ops writer with most of the slayers backstory and years later typed, wrote and narrated the lore to Doom: Eternal with Mr Stratton and Mr Hugo, both of whom are outstanding friendly and funny gentlemen that I was honoured to meet and lucky to work with.

    Beware of these charlatans and limp wristed blackguards like the coward at Wired that berates the fine story work of Doom Eternal, a pox on their tax exempt off shore trust fund backed houses. If I ever see one in an alleyway, I will rip and tear until their blood runs. Thank you again to Rock Paper Shotgun, please excuse the rant, I am an Autistic artist with rage issues.

  • is anyone else having trouble with their pre order bonuses cus i ore ordered but i still haven’t had my bonuses

    Edit: Amazon finally emailed my code for the rip and tear pack just waiting for the doom 64 code 🙂

    Edit 2: Doom 64 was included with the code

  • Yeah get a chest or trainer that gives you the same amount of ammo as the first game.

    18 shotgun shells, I thought it was a bug.

  • Haha love it when I work out some of these tips myself. Like going for those Sentinel Crystal upgrades first and prioritising ammo. Ultra-violence difficulty is punishing.

  • I love that you aren't afraid to to suggest lowering the difficultly. this is a video game at it's core. through and through. play how you want to play. it doesn't slap your hand for playing on easy.

  • I love the fact that you can farm the weapon skills by re-loading a checkpoint.
    It worked in "Doom 2016" and even in "Wolfenstein" since "The New Order".

  • Having a hard time getting into this game. I think I'm not in the right head space to have to stop and focus on platforming in order to progress through the level. I hate platforming in first person shooters as it is, and already mission two is having you jump through too many hoops. I'm stuck in a Doom game not because I can't beat a boss, but because I keep missing the timing on a jump.

  • Hey I'm not a bad person for playing on hurt me plenty right?

    A bunch of my friends say I'm going the lame way

    But I've never played a doom game before so

  • Invest in the Super Shotgun first. When fully upgraded, the meathook will set enemies on fire and if you shoot them they drop amor. Like a second flame blelch.

  • Another great tip is that you can play through ealier levels to farm 1ups. If you reach a challanging point in the game, go back and farm some extra lives. You can then continue the campaign from the last checkpoint before that bit you were struggling with.

  • Nice review, I agree the maurader is the most difficult enemy.
    I've tried certain weapon combinations like super shotgun and bastila or ss gun and rocket launcher thanks for the tips.

  • Yes, I was very frustrated with the ammo system initially. Chainsaw use is mandatory.

    Upgrading the flame belch, blood punch, and frags is #1 for sure. You can get hard stuck at points if you find yourself out of ammo against something that cant be chainsawed and you are locked in a box. Happened to me escaping after destroying the super gore nest. Locked in a timed escape challenge with nothing but 1 chainsaw and no ammo.

  • All good tips, and some of which I've done already through trial and error/necessity, namely the Weapon Mastery challenges next to recent checkpoints.

  • The more I play, the more it becomes clear to me, that the demons don't fight you becsuse they see you as threat.

    They fight for survival…


  • For the archvile ues explosives and ice bomb. Blood punch does one shot his shield. Hes actually easy to focus down

  • Been playing on ultra violence, and hands down my most used and what should be first to master are the no reload micro missles and flaming meat hook. Flaming meethook into fodder for 30 armor and sone health, then chainsaw another, then micro missles down the heavies.

  • Another tip I feel like people haven’t picked up on is how to maximize damage to heavy and super heavy demons.

    When you damage certain demon types, they begin to lose flesh. Hitting the spots that have already lost flesh will do less damage then hitting spots that still have it; the best approach is to try and aim for the areas on the demons body that are still intact. It makes a huge different against specific enemies such as tyrants and Barons of Hell that are major bullet sponges, they go down a lot faster if you strip them strategically.

  • I’ve never played a game where I die 25 times in a row and want to continue coming back for more. Normally after that many failures I’d take a break, but this game MAKES you want to be better, faster, and not give up. The feeling of completing an arena that has beaten you down is amazing.

  • I didnt know about the arch demon that spawns in the enemies at first, I died like 10 times on my first encounter, then once I learned it made the battle much more easier once I took him out. Yes, I'm slow!

  • I replayed DOOM as preparation for this game last week. I knew I want to play on "2nd hardest difficulty" bc perma-death is not my thing anyway. I was at first confused by the fact that Nightmare is the 2nd hardest now, but I just shrug it off thinking it will be the "ultra-violence" of Doom Eternal. So the game start. I see weak enemies that you could instantly glory-kill in DOOM 2016 so I don't even bother shooting them and start spamming the melee button. I died. Idk if this beast that I thought was a joke soloed me or not I just never underestimated anything in this game from this point on. Everything was a deadly threat.

    Doom Eternal's Nightmare difficulty has a pretty high skill ceiling imo. (and that's great) bc I don't remember the last time in a PVE that if I missed a shot (or missed a HS) it would end up with me taking a crap ton of damage or even dying. So often in the slayer-gates I was running away with 10hp looking for that imp or soldier to bring to a stagger with 1 Shotgun shot and barely missed.

    It took me at least 18 tries to clear the very first slayer-gate and god that was an experience.

    I love and hate it so much.

  • My biggest annoyance was how demons have an invisible hitbox that stops you dashing around them if you're "too close" and because demon melee hits stagger and knock back the player you end up becoming a Slayer pinball if a group of demons are around you

  • Tobe fair in the doom slayers man cave it seems like the doom slayer has done a lot of reading on his own to advance his study in the art of demon slaying.

  • You can kill the doom hunter easily with the lock on burst from the rocket launcher. Three successive hits to get rid of his shield and another three to kill him.

  • The best tip I can offer if your a casual Doom fan like me is to drop the difficulty to "I'm Too Young To Die" at the start of the campaign.

  • I chugged down a big cup of black coffee and then played a slayer gate. I didn't even think about the adrenaline overload I had set myself up for

  • Ice bomb, flame belch, and chainsaw on weak enemys for an all around resources drop combo. With the icebomb health drop and fast recharge on flame belch, mastering that combo gets you so much more when farming small enemys. You can swap chainsaw for glory kill depending on what u need but that combo is amazing

  • Piano simulator ? At this moment Doom Eternal is more lika a piano-simulator, than like an actual Doom game. The enemies are "weak" only to one exact attack with an exact weapon with an exact mod at the exact moment and many times this is the only way to defeat the monster. Then you must turn the mouse to the next enemy, switch your weapon, switch your mod, and repeat the steps based on the "weak" spot on this enemy. Then reapeat. Is this fun?

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