9 Philly Restaurants To Order Takeout From While Social Distancing

Cities across the country are shutting down restaurants to limit the spread of the coronavirus, and it’s already started
hurting small-business owners. While some have remained
open for pickup or delivery, others have closed indefinitely. Here’s a list of some
Philadelphia restaurants that you can still order from to help out small-business owners in your area. Philly has a long list of
cheesesteak restaurants, but many locals put Jim’s
South Street at the top. The South Philly spot makes
the quintessential cheesesteak, complete with Cheez Whiz, onions, and top round black angus beef. Also in South Philly, Sarcone’s Bakery is still pumping out fresh bread and tomato pie. The tomato pie is made with bread dough shaped into a rectangle, topped with red marinara sauce and just a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. Right next door, Ralph’s Italian Restaurant is taking pickup or delivery orders for Italian American dishes like spaghetti and meatballs. The meatballs are made with
a mix of pork and veal, giving them a smooth
and velvety texture. At Mac Mart, near Rittenhouse Square, it’s all about mac ‘n’ cheese. It offers more than 20 varieties, including mac ‘n’ cheese
topped with buffalo chicken, potato-chip panko crunch, and
buttermilk ranch dressing. If you’re looking for a
satisfying, carb-loaded meal, Big Ass Slices on Market
Street won’t leave you hungry. The shop is famous for its huge, cheesy pizza slices, which can be hard to hold without using two
hands or a plate. This may be the second cheesesteak restuarant on the list, but it’s worth pointing out any place that’s still pumping out
Philly’s most famous sandwich. Pat’s is one of the most
well-known spots in town and offers cheesesteaks
from its pickup window or through delivery. Paesano’s in Fishtown offers a variety of hot and cold sandwiches
at its pickup window or through delivery. We recommend another
signature Philly sandwich, the roast pork topped with broccoli rabe and Italian long hot peppers. The Franklin Fountain
shop on Market Street may be closed, but you
can still order ice cream and handmade toppings online. The shop sells over 20 flavors, from sea-salt caramel
to rocky road ice cream, delivered straight to your door. If you’ve started craving doughnuts by your second week stuck inside, you’ve still got Beiler’s Doughnuts in Reading Terminal Market. The shop is open for pickup and delivery, with 50 doughnut varieties to choose from.

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