Baldi vs Piggy!  (Baldi Plays Piggy in Roblox)

Baldi vs Piggy! (Baldi Plays Piggy in Roblox)

hello everybody and welcome to Baldi
plays Piggy! (in Roblox) now I’ve never played this game but
these pigs are freaking me out I do like that this one is wearing blue! Thats my favorite all right let’s play this game Wow are we running away from
oh wow this is the place that George pig was last seen okay what was that sound
Oh God we’re just gonna that’s not good okay I know I know okay let’s go yeah
all right you’re going down yeah wow this place that George pig was last
seen George that sound we keep getting hit by these pigs we’re a monster right
now just got a skip we use this purple key oh no somebody that was a person hi
peppa pig we’re outside I mean that seems like a
good place to be right baby’s coming there Piggy is coming! run boys that’s a dead
end she found us it find us yet okay okay where’s the store door somewhere
just got a basement what’s out here Oh God Oh Piggy that’s terrific person just hiding oh god what was that okay oh yeah George pig okay Oh get away from me get away from me Piggy okay okay now we gotta find something
don’t know what to do with this gear all right thank you guys so much for
watching today will be – that pig someday

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