18 thoughts on “Coronavirus coverage at 8 AM on Tuesday, March 17th”

  • Boo-hoo Boeing quit crying and don't out-source all your work to non Americans and maybe you could still build a plane that didn't crash. Quit using the H1B visas for employees from outside the country. Remember when Boeing was actually something special? Because they hired locally and employed people from the Puget Sound region.

  • Quarantine everyone! That is the only way to stop the spread! It's going to be too late in Seattle unless we act now!

  • All daycare/ childcare is not open, rec centers where I get childcare is not open even for state workers who have to work!

  • Well I feel better about this as last I heard on the news this was the worst we ever had it. Now it's only the last 30 years. Sweet.

  • F*ck Boeing! They rushed a plane into production, cut corners, and killed a bunch of people. And the taxpayers are supposed to give them Billions of Dollars? For what?

  • Facts Not Fear . . . . . Let’s open with dreadful stock news . . . which has nothing to do with anything . . . Try MedCram or Dr. John Campbell if you haven’t found them yet. Love the picture of Asian American selling weapon to African American.

  • For better or worse, we are embarked upon the largest social experiment the world has ever seen. What scares me isn't the virus so much–after all, it could be Ebola instead, 95% fatal, spreads so fast that one cut in a rubber glove and you're dead–as we will get ahead of it sooner or later, probably sooner now that governments are taking it seriously. But it will have done so much damage in so many ways, and irrevocably changed our society in so many as well, that it's almost as if we are having a revolution. It's not going to be business as usual going forward.

    But we are giving away a lot of liberty for the sake of expecting the government to keep us safe. The last time we did that was in the wake of 9/11, when they shoved the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security bill down our throats. And because we were scared and wanted the government to be able to keep us safe, we handed over our right to due process, essentially gave up our right to be free of cruel and unusual punishment, our right to not be locked up indefinitely without charges, and more.

    Today it is possible for the government to 'disappear' us–legally. We can be picked up in the middle of the night without anyone knowing where we've gone, shipped off to Gitmo or the Supermax in Colorado or even a third-world country with no human rights to be tortured and held indefinitely. This is all legal under the Patriot Act–all the FBI or CIA or military need to say is that it's a matter of national security and it's classified. Bingo!

    While I applaud governments around the world for taking steps to try to keep people safe, no regime can make us 100% safe without taking our remaining Constitutional freedoms. Wanna bet that going forward peaceful rallies held for protest purposes are permanently banned if there are more than 50 people? Of course, Rump will be exempt, but his political opponents won't be. It will affect our freedom of speech and the press, probably banning certain words, phrases, and such as "dangerous" to law and order or some such.

    All I'm saying is that we need to keep an eye on what our government is doing, all the time, and be skeptical of their excuses for silencing the press, banning protest marches, and closing businesses and schools on a whim. I don't like unwritten rules, and I don't know what laws they are putting into place to control our behavior in the near future. And I think we need to know. We need to know everything that the government and its' friends in the corporate state are doing.

    I noticed that as soon as the feds went into the nursing home in Seattle where so many died, news coming out of that facility just stopped. Period. Every day a talking head from the corporate office held a press conference, and every day the families of the patients also held a press conference. Between the two we knew how many people were sick, how many had died, the details of that situation. Since the CDC showed up, probably with the FBI, they are completely censored. We can't find out anything at all. Even the families won't talk anymore. What's up with that?


  • Good grief, get your facts straight, NY has 1700 confirmed cases! The last time I did the math 1700 is more than 900!

  • Ya got money for a ticket but can’t afford $2 for an N95 mask and $ 5 for a pair of goggles. Common sense, priceless.

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