Cuphead VS PIGGY! (Cuphead Plays Piggy in Roblox)

what’s going on everybody my name is
Cuphead and I heard but there’s some really nasty pigs out there that we
gotta take care of ya know we took out the devil but these pigs we’re gonna
turn into bacon alright let’s do this thing
well well Piggy’s working up well we’re camping okay why are we camping I feel
like we’re playing Baldi’s Basics if we’re going out camping oh we got a
plane can we smack down piggies with it ah I
wanna smack that pigs with it oh no oh God
we fell so far fortunately don’t we did not die
hey welcome surprise I’ll get pigs coming oh no oh no oh wait no I’m the
pig you will never escape the piggies the pig is coming for you I think I see
somebody I see you people the pig is gonna getcha you cannot escape my Pig
eNOS the pig is coming for you gotcha I know one of my minions
oh I see you hiding I’m gonna catch you out there hahahaha the piggies
reign supreme everybody I’ve been working at the casino you know hanging
out with madman and he was telling me that there’s some bad pigs out here oh
well I’m the piggy that’s okay I am going to
ruin you are gonna do Oh getting you getting smacked you know a piggy more
people in here the way they start right there
where are you evil kids at piggy gonna smack you I heard you
where you at baby oh yes Mac oh I see oh yeah boy yeah we win and get smacked
B but you can’t beat the pigs I like being a pig everybody watching have you
actually won this game cuz I have had no luck at all I can never win as the
humans this game is really really hard I wanna win I figure the first level is
probably the easiest I could be very wrong no what was the challenge that piggy said will make me laugh every
single time I swear okay what’s down yeah every time I open the door it
smacks me in the face I don’t like it I want something there pick up come on
no piggies up – piggy okay okay just piggy a away from Miss Piggy oh yeah oh
yeah oh yeah new way oh okay yeah Piggy’s got me
I swear though the infection mode is way too hard let’s see if we can find a
different groom that doesn’t want to do the infection no time good good game
it’s hard enough with one Pig we don’t need more pigs chasing us
alright piggy you’re going down we’re gonna eat you for breakfast okay
okay get out of here Peppa Pig a little Peppa Pig boy get away from the zombie we could Juke him he was too smart
though alright let’s try again I like this pig stay away from me piggy
evil pigs are no good they should be bacon and nothing more oh let’s back
this way I’ve never been back here oh god there’s a pig Oh anyway for the pig
you know it from me biggie that was scary Oh Pig oh yeah the pigs back it
was chasing me got away from the pig that’s good no we’re running out of time
alright going down to the basement Oh piggy piggies after us again
yeah go away Pig No I have faith in our ability to defeat
this evil Pig like we defeated King pace and the devil they stand no chance work
together people to defeat the evil Porky Pig hello you guys doing down here
yeah nice to meet you Oh God deadly that was something that kills me
let’s try again no I got chap did no let me go that was well played mr. piggy
just wait for me the bar down we can do it if we work together
crossbow they’re neat oh I should have taken it wait oh god bad piggy stay away
from me piggy I don’t like the piggy god there’s a terrible sound
oh no he’s after me I have faith in our ability to defeat
this stupid little pig Anya oh there’s a pig yeah away from me pig like the pig
please only be one pig that would be great
hi piggy oh there’s another Pig get away from the pigs duckie
what happened to you Oh No pigs are coming do many pigs too many pigs dougie
help me happy juke em juke em Oh get past him oh you can’t catch me
I’m too fast for you fools hahaha why have you forsaken hey thank you guys
so much for playing piggy with me today I know we didn’t win any games but this
game is really hard I’m gonna keep working at it though and together guys I
think we can beat this piggy into parks hey thank you guys see you next time bye

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