100 thoughts on “Dr. Oz explains why more men are dying from coronavirus than women”

  • Atherosclerosis is one thing that has a connection to survival rate. I know a U.S. 🇺🇸 Medical Doctor currently assisting in an ER in Italy 🇮🇹 who said coronavirus is a killer in those having atherosclerosis.

  • Yeah all those stats are true but we also take more risks so that they stay home with the kids. We are the natural caregivers and willing to step into the fire.

  • Yes.. Malaysian increased the outbreak.. Count… Which I think we need the cleanliness been practice from now…

  • NY not going through the same problems Italy is having only because we are at the beginning…….let’s talk again in a couple of weeks

  • How long till the left will try to cancel poor doctor oz for showing up on fox and agreeing with the president!!!!

  • Italy has such a high mortality rate because thier is NO order to stay inside . They can go to work or any where they have to stay 6 feet from each other. And the news knows that's why the mortality is high in Italy. They want to scare people . We are handling this BETTER than Italy! No new cases in China in 5 Days!

  • Sadly, doctors and nurse practitioners are writing scripts for themselves, which has caused a shortage for those who have been taking it before this virus came about. People with arthritis and other conditions can't get their scripts filled. Doctors are taking the anti- malaria drugs so they can stay healthy enough to treat patients. Now we are going to get this medication from India, which we previously banned due to safety concerns. All of the info came from public radio WBFO.

  • I've been taking this drug for6 years for my Lupus. I also have emphysema. So far so good. Hoping It's given me immunity.

  • alsp , iitaly has the most senior citizen population than any other country . fortunely for my state of oregon …… we have mostly young people and females out number the men by 3 to 2 .

  • Yeah… but there's also more men in the world than female. It's precisely the reason we have twice as many female ancestors than male. People are statistically, archeologically, and medically/scientifically illiterate.

  • What has been forgotten is that many men, but not all men, are not as hygienic as women. Such as washing there hands after the toilet or before eating . So i doubt they will wash there hands after shopping or being out in the public or after shaking hands etc. Men often also dont look after there health like women. Going to the doctor is all too often delayed by men

  • Genetically speaking, men have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome and women have two X chromosomes. So in men, both the chromosomes have to equally support each other to provide a healthy life. For women, one chromosome can step for the other. In times of need. It doesn't mean women don't die but can buy time. This is something, I read many years ago. I don't know if it still stands true. It was topic on why baby boys had to be cared for more than baby girl, why girls survive adversities better than boys. Well, it was the science of 70s, not sure.

  • That's cuz your states are too big and not enough testing going on good more testing the United States does the more they find and I'm sure most of the deaths from flu this season is from covid-19 if you test the patient's back

  • The problem with that drug is not everybody can take it the young can take it the old can take it and if you have certain conditions and taking certain medications you can't take it and plus the side effects are through the roof

  • Men die before women in every country in the world, 80% of all suicides are male, cancer kills more men than females, all the most dangerous jobs including war are done by men. And in the west dying in child birth today is very rare! ….That's why!!

  • Well, it's a good thing it's not the other way around, with more women dying than men. If that were the case, the toxic feminists would be screaming that it's the fault of all men and the patriarchy.

  • The daily mortality rate in USA (mainly NY state) is now same as France, but more worryingly is the increase in rate of change. Consider that France has a population 66 milllion..

  • Simple. Men's immune system is being weakened by nagging. Men need hearing protection or stay single for a healthier life.

  • I watched a foreign news channel this am said China was not counting patients who tested positive but had no symptoms.

  • Oh I see. America knows best. We need to do a study. We need to do a "proper" study with randomized samples. The French did this last one. Trump cuts regulation. I'm sure the FDA would say. But these aren't normal times. OKay lets do it, it should be fine. SO YOU KNOCK DOWN the French, who made the discovery, babbled about your own greatness, then landed on we're going to do it anyways. What is wrong with you people? Is it possible for a nation of people to be more arrogant and delusional? How about "Thanks to the French researchers, we may be able to bypass the FDA approval process for this use, especially considering these are not normal times and the French study was great." You knock it down and then adopt it anyways. EPITOME of American attiutde.

  • Some of what Dr Oz said is true, but he missed the very important fact that because the immune system is encoded on the x chromosome men generally have half the immune gene set.

  • @timelessmusic familymusic as a woman I'm sorry to burst your bubble but even though I wash my hands I've seen other women come out of the stalls and not wash their hands. I've even told them, "You can wash your hands. There is water and soap right here". They just ignore me.

  • Note our coasts and industrial areas are the hardest hit here also!! The North of Italy is a plain industrialized since the war, and sees fog blanket every year, so the WEATHER INVERSION IS HOLDING IN POLLUTANTS? LIKE THE CA VALLEY ? THIS IS WHY THE AUTO BAN???

  • It's a fact that men get way more sick than women with a cold or flue. I'm completely toast with a flue where my wife can function with no problem with the same bug.

  • My boyfriend died Friday @ home ..he was still working but he wore a mask & gloves and just died . He had health problems so we dont know ..waiting for autopsy..😞😞🌹I've been depressed every since
    .I dont know if I'll ever get through this… rip ad I'll always love you ..& I'll never forget you .you treated me like a queen sweetheart !!!!


  • Don't listen to this video, it's out in "left " field and not what the virus is intended. Instead of panicking use some of the time and research what has been going on for a long time with viruses


  • It is always interesting to watch 45 as he watches the experts speaking and tries to pretend that he cares at all about what they are saying, or even that he understands what they are saying.

  • His statement on Italy is condescending and misinformed. He’s acting like a TV doctor, not acting like real doctor.

  • Mortality rate is only according to those who tested positive. 5 times more people, have the virus, but symptoms don't warrant testing…

  • China puts a GPS ARM BAND, on every positive person, quarantined to their house. 6 months in jail, if you leave your residence.. That's why in China, residence are not going in for testing unless their really sick.

  • … that (catastrophe in Italy) hasn't happened here in America… yet. Regarding new treatments, if you do double-blind randomized placebo controlled studies with control arms… etc… the disease will be here and gone by the time you tabulate safety and efficacy results. If you begin with animal studies, even longer. You could try existing drug cocktails in worst case scenarios and results will be experimental and anecdotal, especially at first.

  • Lies,lies,lies,. Lol. And more lies. Its as ll about the changes in the monetary system. They showed no bodies and names of people. And if they do the numbers don't add up. Lies,lies,lies, as and it's about the invisible money that they want us to sign up. The media has been paid through the deep state to tell us lies and become sheep's to there agenda. People wake up to the truth.

  • Zinc – older men tend to be deficient and one of the first things Chinese doctors prescribed was Zinc lozenges – can't hurt. Such lozenges are used against colds.

  • There is a cure
    First patient cured in Jaipur hospital in India
    Why if cure is available
    Bill is passed
    If it is true
    Then congressman
    Are on vacation
    No corona virus

    More deaths are caused
    By Cancer
    Heart attack aids so what

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