Egg Fried Rice Recipe in Tamil || Hotel Style || ஹோட்டலில் செய்வது போல் முட்டை பிரைட் ரைஸ்!!!

Let’s see how to make Egg Fried Rice Recipe!! First let’s prepare egg Heat the pan Then add 2 Tsp Oil Now add 5 Egg Then add some Black Pepper Powder Salt as needed Now roast and prepare the egg Mix and prepare it Now egg looks ready, keep it separately Now we can prepare rice Heat the pan Then add 3 Tsp Oil After oil heats Add small pieces of Ginger Then add small pieces of Garlic Saute well Then add 100 Grams Carrot Add 100 Grams Beans Then add 100 Grams Cabbage Then mix all the ingredients and saute well Prepare the vegetables half prepared Then add 1 TSP Chilli Sauce Then add 1 TSP Soya Sauce Add salt as needed Then Mix and Saute well Now add the egg prepared Then add some Black Pepper Powder After that add Spring onion Then Finally we can add 200 grams Boiled Basmati Rice Now without breaking the rice mix it with ingredients Prepare in this manner Now Egg Fried Rice Recipe is Ready!!!

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