– (tool) I got a gun.
Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. Bang, bang.
– (Ian) SHUT UP!!! – Looking good, cutie. Pew! Pew! (laughs) How you doin’, my man? Pew! And what about you, bro? Pew! Pew! (gunshot)
(bro shrieks) – What did you do? He’s f*cking dead! – All I did was this. (gunshot)
(man groans) – What the hell is going on? – Quick, I need one
of you guys to call for help. – Who?
– Yeah, which one of us? – I don’t care! You! (gunshot)
– OH GOD! Don’t kill me, don’t kill me. – I’m not gonna kill anyone. I just need you to call for help
because I don’t have a phone. – A what? – A phone!
(gunshot) (thud) – What the f*ck is going on?! (gunshots) (people screech) (sigh) – Hey, Chet. Hey, buddy. Why don’t we all just calm ourselves and put the guns down. – Well, Courtney, I’d love to, but the problem is… they’re my fingers. – Okay, then just make a fist for me. – Okay.
– (Courtney) Good. Now the other one. – Okay. What about my thumbs? – I’m sure they’re fine. – Sweet!
(gunshot) (bullet ricochets) (groan) – Mother f*cker! (battle cries) – All right, this is a robbery! Nobody move. – They look like they’re already not moving. – Ah, they look very dead or sleepy. – Like an after-lunch food coma. – After lunch? It’s only 10 AM. – So, like, a brunch?
– Ah, yes. – No, no, no, no. Brunch happens after 11 AM, dumb ass. – (Chet thinking) This is my calling. God has blessed me with this power to stop my whole office from being robbed, even though I already killed everyone here. – Okay, okay, guys. Can we just agree that brunch
happens after 10 AM, but before noon, okay?
– Okay. – Hey, dick heads. (chuckles) Get ready to meet your maker. (chuckle) (all laugh) – Pew, pew! Pew, pew, pew, pew! – Stop, wait! We’re faking it.
– Wait, what? – Yeah, we were sick and tired
of your finger gun bull sh*t, so we decided to teach you a lesson. – What about the blood
and the gunshot sounds and everything? – I bought this clicker online. (gunshot)
– And we all had fake blood packets. – And I peed my pants just to sell it more! (groans in disgust) – Wait, so I didn’t really kill anyone? – No. – Good one, guys! (laughs) I mean, it was f*cked up,
but that’s a good one. – Gotcha!
(laughter) – Okay, can you guys just hurry up because we really want to get to brunch. – We’re very hungry. – Uh, it’s, like, 10 AM. – Yeah, dude, what the f*ck? – (all) SHUT UP! – You know what? I’ve had it
with your American talkie talkie. You guys are going to die now! Chick, chick, ka-boomie! Chick-kah-kah!
Kah-boom! Chick-kah-kah!
Kah-boom! What? Guys? It’s not working!
(laughter) It’s not working! – I’m sorry, man! – We were messing with you the whole time. – You know, screw you guys! Sha-boom! Sha-boom!
(laughter) – Everything is a lie! I’m just going to end it
and you’ll be so sorry! – Whoa, whoa, whoa! (all) OH! (laughter)
– Noooo! – You can try it again, but do this faster. – Okay, okay. (all laugh) – Okay, okay.
Who wants brunch? – Yeah.
– Yeah, sure. – Brunch sounds very good.
– That sounds nice. – You keep doing what you are doing.
– (muffled) All right. (mumbling) Ah. Ah, guys, I just realized
what that looked like. GROSS! It’s kind of funny, but it’s gross. Ew. Bleh. – (Anthony) Hey, guys,
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