Game Android Offline Dengan Grafik HD

The first offline android game is Oceanhorn This android game You could say following the gameplay patterns of thousands of other action recurring games Like, talking to an NPC, exploring, and solving some puzzles The map design in this game is very good The battle system is quite easy Oceanhorn became one of the games with the best graphics For fans of racing games, especially car racing There is Asphalt 8, this is a series of Asphalt games In this series there are many action elements One of the advantages of this game is the graphics are very cool The size of this game is quite large To memeinkan new folder, must first download additional files The next offline android game is Hitman Sniper In this game we play as a paid agent With various secret missions In this game, a few stories are inserted, which make it even more fun to play There are also various attractive weapon customizations For those who want to reminisce about the days of playing PS2 GTA San Andreas, is the right choice Here we will be playing the role of CJ, carrying out missions related to the amazing storyline The misssion story is no less interesting than the other GTA series For horror game fans, there is the Kuntilanak game This offline android game is almost similar to the DreadOut PC game Where the main character is a high school girl, and also both use a smartphone camera as its main weapon In this game there are 3 levels The story in this game begins with Rina, the main character in this game and her brother Visit the famous old building that is haunted In this game you will be faced with various typical Indonesian ghosts That was 5 android games offline with HD graphics, which we recommend this time If you are curious to play it You can download it via the link in the description That’s it for this video, see you later

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