Grand Mercure Wellington – Hotel Review

Wellington the capital city here in New
Zealand the Grand MMercure Wellington is located at the end of The Terrace. For our unbiased reviews on hotels here in New Zealand hit that subscribe button, click
the bell and you’ll be notified when we have updates to our Hotel Reviews The Grand Mercure Wellington has recently been refurbished and it is really enticing as you walk in
through the foyer area. The rooms are very comfortable and quite compact but extremely well laid out as you can see the bathrooms are lovely clean and bright and that’s really important I believe in a good hotel. The bar is quite compact but
it’s adequate for what’s needed however there is a separate area across
to one side where you can enjoy a drink with friends, last night we were in the
restaurant there was a group of eight of us which was a very small tour for me
but also there was a number of other diners. One thing that really impressed
me was the Chef came out to make sure we were happy with their meals, not just us as a group but he talked to all the others Well you won’t believe it but I
ventured down into the fitness centre here at the Grand Mercure Wellington wow I was really impressed beautiful pool as you can see and it’s heated hey how good is that? The gym or fitness area is also very well equipped, there are all
sorts of weights and benches and rowing machines and all that sort of thing. No excuse not to stay fit when you’re staying at the Grand Mercure Wellington.
Now I’ve got to say I didn’t have a lot to do with the staff here at the Grand
Mercure Wellington during my short stay however the staff that I did meet the
bar staff the restaurant staff the chef I mentioned the chef coming out and
checking on our dinners plus the reception staff certainly seemed to be
very efficient they seemed to be on to it and really looked after our needs so
if you’re coming to the Grand Mercure in Wellington and you’re going to be
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  • Hi mate..! Thanks for the video,, But Im getting a DNS error on your booking site. I m trying to book the Grand Mercure for December.
    Also Im planning to take the train from Auckland down to Wellington, could you recommend me any website to do the booking?

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