Greek Hotels closed until April 30th | coronavirus outbreak pandemic

hey guys welcome to my channel my name
is Patrick and I have another update of the well coronavirus related
for you guys who are new to my channel welcome my name is Patrick and me and my
husband’s have a small hotel in the center battles as we all know and I mean
I don’t know I know which lucky live if you don’t know every country at this
moment is struggling with the coronavirus some countries more than the
other one of the latest measures against spelling of the qualifiers here in
Athens or here in Greece I’m are saying is that all the hotels except the three
big ones all the hotels meet close from tonight midnight until the 30th of April
so let’s say five six weeks now don’t get me wrong this I’m not saying that
our situation is the most healthiest and feel sorry for me no Ted have much worse
things going on at the moment I just want to share this story with
other people because I know that in a lot of countries the same thing is
happening and it’s not only the hotels that are gonna be affected
everybody would have which some companies will we’re gonna be affected
some way or another sooner or later and so we need to close for five six weeks
there is almost no financial help from the government there is some help from
the government financially but it’s not it doesn’t even come close to what we
need to pay still even though we need to close and they get me wrong I do agree
that we need to close but if you’re a small hotel we have 14:14 the rules or
if you’re a small business you do not have the funds you have probably an
emergency fund of you know money saved up for emergencies or something like
this just close at least it’s because it’s minimum five to six weeks it’s it’s
gonna be challenging so we’re gonna close and no I didn’t open again it
depends how things will go you know even in best-case scenario today they will be
effects you know we can open in the first of March I’m sorry the first of
May we can reopen again and who is who’s gonna turn seriously who is going to
travel so short after this so I’m guessing that the tourism in all of the
planets is basically falling flat line so it’s a mess it’s really a mess zach
is my husband and I’m addressing that people who stayed with us over the years he’s not here now he’s at home I we just wanted to thank everybody who
stayed with us we have some really really great guests this was our dream
this was what we worked for every single day you know what it’s not to see something that you’ve worked for
that you put your you devoted your life to and not in a bad way if we liked it
we like what we do and we like it we absolutely love what we do but it’s very
hard to see things falling down falling apart by something that is not in your
own control it’s in nobody’s control basically so we want to say thank you
for everything and we all hope that you’re gonna be safe your loved ones and
your family and your friends and who knows when this virus was awful virus is
gone life can go back to being Lord more and who knows if we’re still here
everybody’s welcome again and up until then I you know be safe keep your social
distances and be strong that’s the only thing I can say so for now goodbye and
see you next time you

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