Gta Money Glitches That Still Work (No Requirements)

what is going on everyone bipolar game
is there welcome to the channel hit that Like button and consider subscribing if
you haven’t already but for today’s video I would be discussing we got some
Gta online money glitches that still work And for a very long time they are
here to stay but to get started the first one I will be showcasing is the
casino money glitch this one here pretty much you get to win the chips
and save them and you do not lose the chip this here is very simple to do
pretty much all you need to do is with computed casino and if you have a
penthouse that’s will work better for you however you can do every single step
I’m about to show you right here down on the casino for and since the penthouse
makes it quicker and to the water back in the GTA but basically to get started
here you want to go up to your game of choice for variable game near get out
and you want to go ahead and bet some money right here and after you play
place your bet just carry on out the normal be working in the top left corner
and that’ll tell you if you win we ways I brought here I had 20 so I should
definitely win this okay let’s get up won the chips here 20,000 that easy you
can win a hundred thousand if you bet more but how do you save this here do
you want to hold down on your any route to menu you want to go to style and you
just want to just change one of your outfits and after you change one of your
outfits all you need to do let’s just walk back over here and start playing
again okay let’s say what do I do if I lose what’s the steps I can take you
have a few steps when it comes to this here the first one being would be just
to close your game application when the while certification pops up that’s the
slowest way I wouldn’t recommend doing it but it does work the best way would
be to unplug the internet from the back of your console if its way in connection
however if you do not have that option there’s a never one I will be showing
you right here that is the absolute best way to do it okay just go to settings
and go to network impress so what okay now you’ll get to this screen right here
just press your home button once select G ta file you’ll be back in there and
when you’re ready T we’ve all you need to do is double tap your home button
twice and you’ll end rot back up on the screen you just press select
that uncheck the box and ear get to go here I’m gonna go ahead and tense we
lose this game but pay attention my chips and the corners about fifty nine
thousand and the way you tell for you is you want to just work in the top left
corner around here now be paying attention to the top left corner and get
ready to disconnect as soon as you see this notification pop up there so do you
have whilst you want to just go ahead and just disconnect
I’ll just shown you and when you get back to GTA story mode all you need to
do is just reconnect your internet and you’re good to go ok I’m back in detail
1 if you work in the top right corner I still have all the chips right there
item out wheezing and chips and it’s that easy guys it’s we we began my fee
where does it make sure to be changing those outfits to save for the money you
want ok moving on to the nuts money glitch here this is very easy to do it
is afk however you will be needing a person to do this with I recommend a
friend if you don’t have a friend to deal with with a random person will work
but do you risk them weaving but to get this job started you will find this job
over in bookmarks it’ll be in capture it’ll be caught Peter Griffin in solder
FRB okay once you find somebody to join this job me drawn in this is really easy
to do pretty much all you need to do is you just need to this AF cave welcome
doing here and this thing up top will spinning it around it picks up the cases
the person on the bottom should just be standing there well how everybody DD was
here it is 999 round and if you do stay towards the end Eve will get about 40
point three million dollars I’ll be leaving a link down below where
I’ll explain more about this video and I also include job descriptions for both
Xbox and Playstation so make sure to go check this out ok moving on to the last
one this one is also very easy to do you will be getting cast in are EPA but what
you want to do is you want to go into Rockstar job go to survive will go to
the boneyard survival the more people will get in here the more casting I
repeat you will get to also get a friends balance you know it’s you’ve
started the job pretty much all you need is you want to just run back here to the
end of a map where I’m telling you once you get right here all you need to do is
you want to just get up against this wall right here and you want to take
cover and you want to take cover a little bit after it’s on around here you
can go from there to about right here to stay on this area right here and these
enemies will not shoot you he do not come out of his bound if he
didn’t move left and right they will cheat you but the reason this is a good
RP & money glitch it’s because you could sit right here and they’re pretty much
in god mode and they can’t kill you and you can get about 40,000 RP in about
40,000 cash in about 10-15 minutes so that’s pretty good but that is going to
be it for today’s video guys if you enjoyed it let the hot button and
consider subscribe and don’t forget to check down below

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