Hanging With Trinity and Beyond & Emily and Evelyn !!!

– We are at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, and we are here for a special Hatchimals Vacay Weekend. (upbeat music) – [Addy] So many Pixies! – [Lucy] Let me see,
whoa, Hatchimals Pixies! – So these are the ones
that just launched. – We are at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee and we are here for a special Hatchimals Vacay Weekend put on by Spin Master,
who makes Hatchimals, and we are gonna have an epic time. We got gift bags, and
now we are gonna find a special table to sit at for breakfast. – Yeah, come on, let’s go! – Let’s go! – We already know! – We’re heading to Miami. – [Lucy] To Miami? – Yeah, look. – [Lucy] Let me see. Cloud Chloe from Cloud Cove to Miami. The girls got bags of Hatchimals Pixies Vacay Style, and these are the new purple series, and this is where the Hatchimals
Pixies travel all over the United States. – I got Tennessee! – You got Tennessee. And we’re sitting at the Miami table. (upbeat music) – [Lucy] We actually
checked in last night and when we got to our room, Maya, what was on our beds in our room? – [Maya] Tons and tons of toys. – [Lucy] Lots and lots, and there was – [Maya] Everywhere. – [Lucy] Yeah there was a giant duffel bag for each of the kids just packed with all
the new Hatchimals toys, and of course the kids could
not restrain themselves. They dove in, and probably within fifteen minutes we had just everything everywhere. It was so much fun, and now we got more goodie bags today. I can’t wait to see what more is going to happen today. – So in the Hatchimals Pixies, there is a doll in this big suitcase. And then how you normally
hatch the Hatchimals, you can also hatch these carry-on items and then you get their accessories. – [Lucy] Plus it says that one in ten have a stowaway bonus Hatchimal inside. – [Maya] Here are all the pixies that you could collect, and there are even more
in the other packs, with pink carry-on items. And my favorite has to be Cloud Chloe. – [Lucy] All right kiddos, it’s time for our best pixie pose. Are we ready?
– Yes. – All right, let’s go do photos. (upbeat music) HFF, what do you think that stands for? – I don’t know. (laughs) – [Lucy] Hatchimal friend forever? – Oh yeah. (upbeat music) – [Lucy] Okay, this is Cloud Chloe. – [Maya] And this one right behind her, that is Sweet Sierra. – [Lucy] Sweet Sierra is right there. – [Maya] Yep. – [Lucy] Who’s this right here with the cotton candy? – [Addy] This is Crystal Cassie. – [Lucy] Who is it? – Crystal Cassie. – So this is Fabula Farah, and then we have one more over here. – [Addy] That one is – Who’s this? – [Addy] Illuma – Illuma Ilana I think? She’s pretty cute. She’s got some cool sunglasses on. (upbeat music) It’s time to unbox their Hatchimals Pixies Vacay Style! When you open it, there’s a sticker sheet that gives you a clue to where your pixie might be from. – I think mine is from Nashville. – [Lucy] Why? – Because it has guitars, a banjo, horseshoes, a cowboy or cowgirl hat… – [Lucy] Well that’s a Nashville thing. – Yes. – [Lucy] Maya, where’s
yours from do you think? – I think it’s from Arizona where we used to live. – [Lucy] You think so? Oh I do see a cacti on there. – Yeah, that’s how I know – [Lucy] Maybe so. – Probably – [Addy] Three, two, one. (Addy gasps) OMG she’s so glittery,
and her golden hair! – [Lucy] Okay, it looks
like Addy got Fabula Farah. – [Addy] Oh my goodness, what’s in here? What’s in here, what’s in here? It’s the sunglasses and the stand! Now it’s time to put her
beautiful sunglasses on. – And Maya, who did you get? – I got Illuma Ilana. – [Lucy] Can I see her? She is so sparkly. I love their sparkly hair, and they have the cutest
little pixie wings on the back of them too. – [Addy] So here are the little carry-ons that you can hatch open like a Hatchimal. So all you do is just push it in, and then I like dumping it in my hand to see what I got. I got her little purse! (upbeat music) We got a selfie stick! – [Lucy] So are you girls big fans of Hatchimals Pixies Vacay Style? – [Addy] Yes! – Me too, they’re so cute and so adorable and
glittery and super fun. As you can see, there are a lot of other YouTubers here and Instagrammers for this big Hatchimals event, and the girls are currently opening all their Hatchimals with Trinity and Beyond and Emily and Evelyn. – [All] Yay! – [Promoter 1] The
pixies, you guys all met the pixies this morning. They’re all grown up, and now they look so beautiful. – [Promoter 2] Wow! (upbeat music) – [Lucy] We all took a bus to Urban Air Adventure Park where we’re going to fly outside but first we just unveiled the new Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers and these are gonna to hit the store in October. All right, you girls have your wings on? – Yes. – Are you girls ready to go fly now too? – [Addy and Maya] Yes! – Yes, let’s go fly! (upbeat music) (Addy screams) – [Lucy] Go Addy! (Lucy laughs) (Addy screams) How was flying up there Addy? – Awesome. – Were you scared at all? – Nope. Now let’s go climbing! – Now you want to do this over here? – Yes, let’s go! – All right. (upbeat music) What you just saw Addy do was the Sky Rider. That was a pretty cool attraction, you kind of whirl all over the place in a harness. Unfortunately Maya is too short to do it, so we’ll have to come back when she’s a tad bit taller so she can do it. (upbeat music) – [Lucy] She looks nervous up there, I think she’s psyching herself out a little bit. (atmospheric music) Wow, she got it with one hand! I think she’s gonna go for it again and see if she can get both hands on this time. – [Addy] That was a lot easier, because it’s not round where you have to like, hug it. – [Lucy] That was easier? – Uh huh. – [Lucy] All right,
let’s go get pizza girl. (upbeat music) – I’ve done that slide
like a thousand times. – That slide? Let me see you do it! Go do it. – Alright, I’ve it like a
thousand times, it’s scary. – [Lucy] Okay. (Maya screams) (upbeat music) – [Lucy] Oh, that’s scary. – [Maya] It’s not scary. – [Lucy] It’s not scary. (upbeat music) – [Girls] Hi! – I kind of want to try the thing where you fly. Do you want to watch me? I wanna go fly. Did you fly? – [Trinity] Yeah, I did it twice. – [Lucy] Was it fun? – [Trinity] Yeah. – All right, I’m gonna go do it. I wanna see if I can
take my camera with me. All right, I guess I just run off. (Lucy screams) Whoa! Oh my goodness. Whoa! Whoa, that’s the kiddos. (Lucy laughs) Oh my goodness, that was so much fun. As part of our Hatchimals Vacay, we are taking pictures in front of the I Believe in Nashville sign which is pretty cool, because now is a special time where we really believe in Nashville. Because we just had a crazy tornado here last week, and there’s been so much devastation here, and I’m so glad we’re part of a city where everybody comes together and we chip in, and
Nashville can come back. And we’re going to survive this tornado. Aren’t we girls? – [Addy] Yes. (upbeat music) – [Lucy] Photos are done and it is now time for dinner. (upbeat music) We’re at the NashHouse
Southern Spoon and Saloon and the kids just got these really cute Sugar Sweet HatchTopia Life, and there are scented plushes it looks like inside. – Mine smells like cake. – [Lucy] It smells like cake? – Yep. – [Lucy] It’s so cute! It’s this a cupcake? – Yeah. Hatch! (gasps) – [Lucy] Ooh Addy, yours is so cute. – [Colin] I got cutie! – [Lucy] Who did you get, Colin? Let’s see. Oh, yours is cute too. – [Colin] Mine is cutie. – [Lucy] Cutie pie. – It’s named Chocolate S’more Kitwee. – Well today is day two of our Hatchimals Vacay, and we’re starting by having breakfast. And it’s not just any breakfast, this is a Hatchimals
Pets Obsessed Breakfast. And if my girls are anything, they’re pet obsessed. (upbeat music) The kids are hatching this Hatchimals Secret Surprise play set which is for the Pet Obsessed collection, and it’s a giant egg but you actually hatch it like you hatch the CollEGGtibles. So you break into the big egg and there’s all sorts
of accessories inside. So Addy you got the Exotic Pet Vet and Maya got the Underwater Playground. – I love Pet Obsessed Hatchimals! – [Lucy] The girls are working on building their worlds now, so inside the egg are
all the things you need to put together the little world that your Hatchimal comes in. We’ve opened the Exotic Pet Vet and the Underwater Playground but the other world is Show Pets, that we haven’t opened yet. Maybe that’s what Colin has.
– [Maya] Colin has that! – Does Colin have Show Pets?
– Yeah. – [Lucy] He does?
– Yeah! – [Lucy] Oh, cool. (upbeat music) We got all three of the worlds, plus you can get a fuzzy key, a glittery key, or a golden key to help unlock your world. – I like it best because the lion has its own little like rafter thing, or a little bed that he could just lay in. – [Lucy] Oh, you’re right. There’s a patient that’s a lion, there’s your doctor, and you have a few more little
patients inside there. Now Maya is opening the
new Hatchipet two-pack and it’s fun because it’s a little heart that you actually punch out to get your pet from. (gasps) – Its little friend is a turtle. – [Lucy] So cute Maya. A couple of Maya’s are flocked, so they have kind of that
fuzzy texture on them which I think is super fun. I think there’s gonna be a really cool surprise. We are at a Pet Obsessed breakfast, right? So I think there’s gonna be some pets that we get to go play with now. (upbeat music) What are you gonna do with the puppies right now? – [Maya] Yoga. – Puppy yoga, oh my
goodness, have fun girly. – [Maya] Probably have to go get a mat. – Have fun, go get a mat. (upbeat music) The puppies are so cute. They haven’t begun the yoga yet because everyone’s just kind of going crazy petting them. The puppies are loving all the attention, they’re actually from The Humane Society. (upbeat music) We’re at Sugar Drop now and we’re here to celebrate
the newest Hatchimals that are coming out. They are Cosmic Candy themed. So we’re going to be making cupcakes which are galaxy themed to go with the newest Hatchimals. (upbeat music) Are you getting a little
buttercream muffin? We’re going to get to do some fancy buttercream frosting. So before you made, I
thought it was a cupcake but it’s actually like a cake. And it’s pretty glittery too. How was it? Was it hard to do that? – [Addy] No, because I, this is like my fourth time doing it. – [Instructor] All right, so we’re going to wiggle wiggle it back and forth. (upbeat music) – They’re working on
decorations that’ll go on top of their cake,
so they’ve learned how to make lollipops where
they roll the fondant up, and they’ve made one-colored ones and two-colored lollipops, so not only are they decorating cakes, but they’re actually learning some really cool skills. I love those girl. So now you’re making some planets. – Yes. – Multi-colored galaxy-like planets. Ooh, I like it. While the girls are making their cupcakes, I’m over here checking out all the new Cosmic Candy
Hatchimals that are coming out. They even have pixies, there’s a playset. It all looks so much fun. I can’t wait for these to
hit the stores in August. – [Addy] There we go. – Maya, your cake is looking so good. It looks very galaxy-like. – Yeah, and I made one of the lollipops look like a planet. – [Lucy] It does look like a planet. I love it, it’s beautiful. It looks just like a galaxy. How’s yours coming? Are you done? – No.
– Not yet? It looks amazing though. What else do you have to do? – Add more planets. – More planets. Wow, you’re going all out. The girls are done with their cakes and we had the most
amazing Hatchimals Vacay, haven’t we girls? We’re gonna head home now, so what do we say girls? – [Addy and Maya] XOXO! Bye! – [Lucy] See ya next time!

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