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And they’re all gonna come back after we’re gone the only thing left are gonna be cockroaches Twinkies and southern bluefin tuna, that’s right And we’re back here. I am flying tomorrow fly zone vision. I’m here with my man Jack from the IGF a jack We’re talking about leader material and the length that you’re allowed to use. That’s right So what we’re talking here specifically is is heavy tackle. So any mainline that’s heavier than 20 pounds So you’re 30 50 80 up to 130 130 is the max that we recognize so For heavy tackle leaders, you’re allowed to have up to 30 feet of leader. Material. Okay, and the leader material again? It can be anything you want as light as you know 3 4 pounds if you want to be crazy or if you want to Use a straight cable. You could have your 30 filled section of It doesn’t matter what the material is or the brake engine. Now, how do you measure that? So when we measure our leaders? Igf a rules are measured from the bend of the last hook here. We only have a single hook so the bend of the hook right there and Then all the way your 30 foot section and I’ll kind of Pay this out here run with it. There you go so this one this person utilized their full 30 feet as you can see and then this here is that they have a little SPRO swivel here connection and The leaders measured all the way up until the end of this. So the the connecting point here on the main line So that is where your leader would be measured right through that spawn Point all the way to the bend of the last hook in this case the bend of the single you’re not gonna make me run all the way back there again you want to From been double hook. Yep Connection with the main line right there connection right here at the main line. That’s it 30 feet full 30 feet guys Thanks for joining us here in the flyzone

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