Hotels vs. Coronavirus

It feels quite strange to have a Hotel room check
on the road. The whole world is captivated of the Corona virus. Schools are closed, restaurants
are closed. but hotels may still remain open so we are going to visit a hotel again.
We are actually very curious how hotels deal with this condition
like this, so we’ll see you later. Yes I walk a bit difficult because yes the gym
is closed and I am with my daughter yesterday going for a run so I have massive muscle pain.
We are now in Hotel Het Zwaantje in Callantsoog. It is very quiet here now, there are only three
rooms are normally occupied at all is full at this time. We have the owner,
Eagle, asked if we can ask him something about the impact of the Corona virus
at the hotel. And then he agreed, so let’s do that now! Eagle, you have with your wife
Trees this hotel, how long have you been doing this? I’ve been in the business for forty years and we do
this together for twenty years now. Okay, we have now the Corona virus, there we can be
all around you no longer have have experienced something like this what an impact
on the number of guests and cancellations? No, we have experienced several changes,
eg from the guilder to the euro and that sort things. But this is a blast.
this is a global blow, not a minor one local indoor fire, this will be a whole
thing, what exactly does it have for impact at your hotel, for now? For now, if we
look at the calendar … it is empty. As we might be a bit lucky then
it will pick up a bit in the fourth quarter again. It’s not going to be a nice summer. We have
the patio furniture and everything nicely clean the garage ready, they could go outside … but
that’s not going to be em. No, because now comes the season is right? that there are also many people
from Germany come here. Yes the last fourteen We have already had several cancellations for days
and we sat for this week and the weekend , completely full, so yes. But people go
cancel anyway? despite the fact that you just open and even the restaurant and
the shops are open. Yes it becomes ours ‘desires’ …. or yes … we can stay open
and we also do everything we can to ensure hygiene measures, polishes, hospital supplies,
you name it to keep it all clean and keep it accessible but yes, we look
on the customer and not in that is one thing for us it is also a small one
risk. And yes then you do your best but the people just don’t want to leave home. How about it
with the staff? you also need the staff to send home? We have to wait until
someone in The Hague cuts a knot says ‘guys we don’t think it’s responsible anymore’
as it happens in other countries, and then we will leave our people at home or yes,
in any case we will make sure say. Quarantine at home. So it is actually
just wait and see. Well, the best cure is then for that arrangement and for our damage
limit … just close. Yes, so that you think it is coming? Yes that
I think, at the moment as we do indeed earn a few euros, yes that’s nice
yes, you try to do it right but you become then cut the contribution you get for
the personnel costs yes that does not work in our eyes. How do you deal with the cancellations?
because there are many people who should have Cancel. That’s right, we’re going over there to mine
idea smoothly. We do work through one uniform conditions for catering in the Netherlands
yes it becomes impracticable that has almost no use because everything is canceled and then
you may have a down payment of 40 a 50 euros and then you can see the people there strictly
keep it up and you will get legal action and then you talk about a lot of money, absolutely,
because if I have to repay all that that is not going to be em because we draw that
not. So you better say we can do one make an arrangement in the sense of take pleasure
with a voucher. We have been helped with that and for the future the customer because that
would like to go out eventually. Do they agree to that? most go
agree with that. I just happened to be there a colleague and I will not mention a name but
so they don’t and the lady who handled that there behind the reception who got all kinds
curses and I don’t want that for my wife to put on. I do not think that is the intention.
And thereby we have been doing it for so long, we have we actually know that many regular customers
they will come back again. Yes it does terrible pain, it is no different.
So it’s really just a hard blow. Yes. How do you see it in the coming weeks? Well
we don’t talk about weeks anymore, we talk really in months. as said before, it
in the fourth quarter we may hope that the storm has died down a bit, in fact,
it is already the case with the banking sector say, “well, we may expect the second
quarter of next year that something again coming’. Because yes, let’s face it, we
are here in the coastal region and we have to have tourism at times
there are extended weekends, Pentecost, Easter, ascension, you name it. and for the rest
we have the summer season. Yes you have to really off season. And happy
our eastern neighbors who are many but yes, the border is locked! Difficult times … yes we laugh
let’s say as a farmer with a toothache. Yes I believe that. Very nice that we are in
in any case, you are welcome to film. Everyone is welcome! yes, yes of course! We wish
a lot of strength and thank you very much, we are not going to shake hands … we do
so! Okay, that was em! The Coronavirus has a very big impact on all of us and also
hotels are very hard, We are also very curious about what our next Hotel Room Checks will look like and whether the hotels may still remain open Until then … stay healthy
and help each other and you can help us by subscriber to become our YouTube channel. Thanks
for watching! bye!

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