I took the initiative to pursue him to the hotel, he was completely moved!|ep59-3

These two days Hard you Did you come to persuade me to leave him? Your ring was left to Tianyou by the old lady Let him give it to his future grandson. I am coming today I am asking you a question on my own behalf Do you already know His condition Then I advise you to leave him I do not want to know Wait later He got it You are with him because He has a physical problem For a proud man Too cruel I love him it is good I hear you speak out I am very relieved Congratulations but Your past You and Liang Sheng He is my brother it is good I feel relieved He is waiting for me these days to persuade the master to bless you It’s not convenient for you to meet at this time So he went to live alone This is his current address Take care How did you come How did you find here Why didn’t you tell me when these things happened? I can face with you I haven’t given you happiness Make you feel wronged I didn’t do well How do you live here Grandpa hasn’t promised our marriage yet I’m going back Also to block him Don’t worry about it So much has happened Do you think i’m afraid This ring It’s your determination on me But now Be with you forever Is my determination

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