[K-Comedy] Korean Female Boss & Male Subordinate Visit Love Hotel

Translated by Korean Shakespeare
([email protected]) The two left office to visit customers…
For what reason did they end up here? – Should we go inside…?
– What? Okay sure… (to have sex, couples in Korea visit
love motels as many live with family at home) (Koreans typically rent the room
for 2 to 3 hours at a reduced fair of $30) You’ve come already?
Sorry I was a bit late… What do you think of the interior design?
Isn’t it nicely done? Yes… It’s really well-done. Please pick out the best pictures
for the storefront Our rooms offer movies, WiFi, PC Games,
Jacuzzi, and even bidets We have them all…
So please make the billboard flashy! – Okay?
– Yes… Okay! – Mr. CEO! I’m sorry to interrupt People in #602 report half of gasoline
from their parked car is missing – They’re asking us to pay
– What?! What crazy nut-heads! Sorry but
please take your time looking around – Sure..
– We have to pay for their gas? Why? I’m not really sure why… It’s been more than 40 days since they’ve
become a couple… but first time visiting a love hotel – Wow! That TV is so big! Wow… (Albeit having mosaic, X-rated content
is readily available at love motels) (the male employee is her boyfriend
as well as subordinate) – Should we… get to work?
– Yes..! Should I take photos of the bathroom first? Yes, yes, go ahead… She feels awkward to be with her boyfriend
in such a place as a love hotel… But if they weren’t here for work…
But seeing the mirror makes her sad… – Oh my! What are you doing?! – It’s the first time we’re in a hotel room…
I wanted photos for memory! – My Superior, please pose for me
– Oh… please stop! – Just one photo! – No!
– Oh please! – No way! – For memory’s sake! – No!
– Oh come on! – Stop! I don’t want it! – Just one photo! – No! Stop! Can her life become more tragic?
Fortune does not favor Miss Y today…

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