Laak vs Schwartz – Let The Mind Games On!

Hey everyone, we have a great video for you
today, featuring Phil Laak and Luke Schwartz, or as I like to call him, the European Phil
Hellmuth. Our hand is taken from the Premier League
Poker with Phil Laak raising 16K with 6-8 of diamonds, a nice hand to try to catch a
straight or a flush with. The raise of course comes to raise the pot
and eliminate other hands, because it’s still not a strong, but a medium hand. So, the least players to play against with
such a hand, the better. Luke Schwartz calls with pocket jacks, a strong
hand pre-flop, yet you need to know how to play with it, given there are 12 other cards
above it (queens, kings and aces). The flop comes 9-3-K with two diamonds. This is not a bad flop for Laak who flopped
the flush draw and Schwartz is probably not too pleased to see the king on the board. Schwartz checks, I think he wants to see what
Laak will do and thus assess where he stands with his hand, pretty sure he’s afraid a
bit of the king there. Laak smartly bets 21K, continues to represent
a hit or a strong hand and not allowing a free card to Schwartz, who calls, maybe hoping
to see a jack on the turn. The turn comes the 5 of hearts which changes
nothing to both players. Schwartz checks again and you can see he’s
not certain at all with his hand, the king on board is scaring him a lot. Laak continues to fire and bets now 42K, which
is twice his bet after the flop, great play to continue the pressure on Schwartz and probably
representing a hand like AK. Schwartz is actually helping Laak read him
here as well with all of his agony and transparent body tells. Schwartz is trying to get a tell from Laak
with the table talk, but eventually decides to fold his jacks, probably putting Laak on
AK or a possible set, in my opinion of course. We later see that if Schwartz would have called
Laak’s bet, the river would have come out the 8 of clubs, changing nothing as well,
but maybe allowing Laak to get even more value of Schwartz. What do you think about the hand and the players? Would you have played differently than Schwartz
did with the jacks? Could you have won the hand and not let Laak
bluff you this way? Comment us and let’s discuss. Thank you so much for watching our video. We hope you enjoyed the hand and the analysis
and we would love to hear your thoughts and insights as well, so please leave us a comment
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event_note February 21, 2020

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