29 thoughts on “Las Vegas Restaurant Owner Forced To Close Speaks Out: ‘It Feels Very Vulnerable’ | NBC News NOW”

  • I haven't cried during any video…until now 😞 Prayers for you all, your employees and families. I am gonna make a visit to your restaurant when this is all over! Stay strong!

  • I've been here in Nevada since 1984. I've never been to Las Vegas. Snowing here in Mineral County (population 5,000).

  • All essential need masks people getting Essentials should be wearing masks if you can't buy them make them anything is better than nothing hashtag stop sputum spread

  • I’m out in Vegas.
    Restaurant has closed.
    No paid leave.
    No benefits
    No check.
    We gonna ride it out.
    I hope

    Vegas Stronger!

  • I'm sure they'll cry even harder if they're on a respirator. I'm sure the "closing" is only temporary to protect them from losing their lungs to covid. I doubt they've been kicked out the building and lost their license. If they stay open they could get infected very quickly…do people Not Understand this???

  • “We all have families..” Yeah, speak for yourself… been alone since I was 3 years old. Government raised me.


  • There are only three things that have happened within the last five months that are relevant.

    "Trump enacted a travel ban, and the NEA to protect Americans faster than any previous adminstration in the History of the USA, in order to Protect All Americans."

    "Every Single Democrat Raised Their Hand On That Debate Stage And Vowed To Destroy America's Border Protection, Endangering Millions Of Americans Against An Accidently Released Chinese Bioweapon."

    "By their actions this week, Democrats ensured President Trump's Reelection, Republican's maintained control of the Senate, and Democrat's loss of the House by blocking and adding bloated (Congressional Pork Projects that had no relevance to Americans) to the Coronavirus Payout Bill."

  • Why can't the US gvmt do for it's people what the UK gvmt is doing for theirs? The UK gvmt is paying everyone sent home on furlough 80% of their wages until they are back at work. That way the workers still have an income and their employers still have thier workers when they reopen.

  • What a world man!. World is out there, but we can't visit that world, something strange seems to have have happened so suddenly, it looks so surreal to live now. Would we ever venture out hereafter or else we are going to remain under lock down for ever.

  • I'm a Las Vegas resident. For 20 years, Ive called this my home. I've worked as a cocktail waitress on the strip for 17 years. People in other regions of the world dont fully understand what it means to work in a tip based industry. Yes, you do receive an hourly wage. But that wage is then reduced drastically by our state mandated tip compliance. This means that even though you may earn $13.00 an hour on paper, the government estimates how much they believe you "should have made in tips" and deducts that amount out of your check. Regardless of if their estimations are accurate. So your original wage of $13.00 an hour has instantly been reduced to about 10. And lets be honest, who can properly support a family in America on $10.00 an hour? So atleast 60% of our income, comes from tips. Now, imagine waking up one day and being told that your place of business is closing for an uncertain amount of time. Yes, you apply for unemployment. But they only give you a portion of your hourly wage. So, at best, you'll receive $9.50 an hour (wothout tip compliance). Your natural immediate response is to recognize that this means that depending on how long this lasts, I might not have enough savings to pay the rent next month. I might not be able to feed my children. I might have to choose between food and the power bill.

    My point being, people need to be more respectful on this platform. That womans tears are sincere. For those of us living here, this situation a very real. We dont all come from priviledge backgrounds that allow us the luxury of not having to worry about food and shelter. We work hard to support our families. So for us, as with many working class families around the world, this is devastating in multiple ways. Please consider the circumstances of others before you judge.

  • It's sad. You can thank Trump for this. He claims he "shut down" the virus from coming into the USA but he's lying. Only a fraction of thousands of people flying into the United States daily, including to Las Vegas, were ever checked for signs of COVID-19. I was going to see a dear friend of more than 25 years next month, she and her daughter live in Las Vegas. When the hotels were closed down my reservation was automatically cancelled. I cancelled my flight, but no refund. I need to use the money for that round trip by January of 2021 or I will be out over $400. That's a drop in the bucket to what many will lose, but it hurts nonetheless. Most of all not being able to see my friend hurts. I am in the "higher risk" territory because of my age and a heart condition. You will rise again. The main thing is to save lives – we all have a responsibility to each other to be as careful as possible. Keeping your restaurant and serving people meals nightly would not be responsible during a pandemic. You'll be able to get SBA loans and perhaps a lot of money from the federal government. There are NO such provisions for retired individuals like me, and I'm by no means a thousandaire, let alone a millionaire. But living is better than DEAD. You have your lives. Be smart – keep them for once gone, that's it folks. You can start over if need be after losing a business. You can't start over from dead.

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