MACHU PICCHU, PERU: The Belmond Sanctuary Lodge LUXURY Hotel | Ep.65

We made it inside Machu Picchu That’s Rinaldo, he’s our guide Here we go Big day today, we are moving up the mountain to the top We’ll be checking into a new hotel and then visiting the Machu Picchu today Amy’s not doing well She’s putting her best face on though. All right, first stop though there to go to the jetted bus line actually doesn’t look that bad alright…see you in a bit We’re kinda crammed in here. We have all of our luggage. This bus is not built for people with the bunch of luggage Oh well There’s no other way up. I think it’s really worth it Just as a side note we were wrong about that If you stay at the Belmond, and go there directly The staff will meet you and take your luggage for you. So you don’t have to haul it on the bus Staying at the Belmond, although somewhat expensive and indulgent, we decided that the perks were worth it We get to wake up in Machu Picchu Not only is this the sole hotel located at the entrance. It is pure splendor You get amazing views all around the property that you would otherwise miss Not to mention relaxing at the beautiful property after spending the day exploring and learning about the ancient mysteries is a real treat Okay, we just cut to the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge Everything so nice. They are so helpful. They’re offering to print out all of our like Train and plane than bus tickets and they’re just really really sweet. I do have to be taken care of by these hotels Following our check-in They showed us to her lovely room so we can drop our bags off and after settling, in we decided to have lunch downstairs at Tampu restaurant After lunch we decided to make our way over to the main event. If you show up Midday, this is what the lines look like. It’s pretty crowded The Belmond set us up with Ronaldo who’s an expert in all things Machu Picchu He knows about each and every nook and cranny of this incredible place He told us all about the architecture and the engineering that is still a marvel today So we’ve made it to the top of Machu Picchu and we’re overlooking Huayna Picchu and for as many people that are here, it’s actually really peaceful and quiet. It’s really nice to be here. Um mind blowing You really have to experience it for yourself Oh man, this place is really cool. It’s huge! I mean obviously you probably knew it was but How do people here but honestly it doesn’t feel too crowded I mean there’s like there’s a lot people behind me Just cause we’re at a popular spot, right? When we were inside the homes of Machu Picchu we saw the Vishakas Hiding in the corners there in the chinchilla family, but they’re much bigger. They are totally blissed out This is the best stone of Machu Picchu. It stops earthquakes because of how it’s cut it’s also completely level So contrary to what this “genius on cold medicine” just told you that stone in fact does not stop earthquakes It only stops the damage that could have been caused to the structure by the earthquake The stones were all cut precisely and arranged without the use of mortar and when earthquakes do strike, as they often do here, the stones all jingle These homes have stood the test of time and this entire ancient city is an engineering marvel Renaldo introduced us to this little herd of llamas And don’t worry They’re cared for by the staff of Machu Picchu and they make sure that they are healthy and not too freaked out by the tourists As the Sun begins to set ,we wind her way through a maze of buildings and it’s hard not to imagine What life was like all those years ago Back in the calm oasis, that is the Belmond We’ve been gifted a bottle of champagne to take in the sunset on our back terrace Listening to the sounds of the water fountains and the birds. We are far removed from the hustle of tourists So all of the meals we enjoy during our stay were incredible the inventive menus featured Andean Ingredients and unveiled the variety and bounty from the surrounding land Just waiting for the doors open, there’s about to be like a mad rush I mean look behind us There’s nobody here like ten minutes ago the buses started running, dumping them off. Yeah, it’s gonna be like “Stampede!” Okay, so it’s our last day at Machu Picchu But what we did today, we have a little bit of time, so we bought a 6 a.m. Ticket to come in right when it opened and maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get a little little sunrise up over Machu Picchu Hey, if you’re having fun watching our videos, we’d love it if you hit the subscribe button Also, if you click on that bell, you’ll get a notification as soon as we have a new video posted We’ve got a lot more coming your way

event_note March 25, 2020

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22 thoughts on “MACHU PICCHU, PERU: The Belmond Sanctuary Lodge LUXURY Hotel | Ep.65”

  • Was Amy getting that altitude sickness? Must be nice to stay inside of machi picchu, I need to look into Belmond when we get a chance to go! that machu picchu award winning time lapse was priceless!

  • That bus looked packed…good thing you guys pack light, eh? BTW, I love Llamas. It looks like they were fun to interact with. Yeah, I know that people see Machu Picchu and think about the ancient architecture, but Llamas are GREAT!

  • It's ablosulety beautiful!! 🙂 I really enjoyed the video, I love how you edited that and put nice song in. And of course is very useful!! 🙂 I wanna visit Machu Picu one day 🙂

  • I really, really enjoyed this beautifully edited video. Perfect blend of information, gourmet food, real moments, and beautiful music. Very well done!

  • Oh gosh, that time lapse shot of Machu Picchu that you opened with is BEAUTIFUL! The Belmond Sanctuary Lodge looks sooo perfect. I really want to stay there when we go to Machu Picchu someday! The views are just gorgeous and I love that you're so close to the main attraction itself!

  • Machu Picchu at his best . this views are incredible . The Belmond is just perfect . so nice . really like your slow mo`s and also the timelapses. great editing 🙂

  • Ugh I'm so jealous! So many people visiting Machu Picchu lately! I never got the memo :'( this is so high on my bucket list! The chinchilla animals, I can't spell the name were so cute! An unexpected bonus to the amazing ruins I bet. Thank you so much for sharing. I loved the cinematic video and great vies!

  • Looks amazing, the chinchilla things looked so chill haha Your footage looks amazing btw, what camera are you using? Do you colour grade during editing?

  • Beautiful opening time lapse shot of Machu Picchu, was that your footage? Visiting Machu Picchu is one of those magical places I really hope to visit soon. This hotel was absolutely stunning, you are so lucky to stay here. I think I would strongly consider staying here myself. I loved that you summed up this experience as mindblowing. I couldn't agree more. Can you fly a drone around there?

  • This brought back memories of my trip to Machu Picchu. I wish I would’ve researched the area more and stayed at that sanctuary as it looks gorgeous! And I love how friendly they are.

  • What a gorgeous hotel, you’re very lucky to be able to stay here! Such incredible views of Machu Picchu with such dreamy editing as well, perfect sound track for you b roll!

  • Oh wow, that hotel looks like THE place to stay when visiting. How many nights did you guys stay? Love the llamas. So cute. Haha, those other creatures found there bliss. ;p That food looks so good. I love your slo-mo and food shots. The bokeh is perfect! Great video!

  • Thanks for the video, I will be taking the same trip and staying at the Sanctuary Lodge in a few weeks. Nice to see what I will be experiencing.

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