Making of Opening Show | Let It Roll Winter 2020

I suppose it’s the way you write it really, isn’t it? Purpose and concept. Yeah, exactly that. So, yeah, what it’s made for. Probably the initial…initial idea
of working out what we wanted. Because that’s always the hardest thing. Because unless you have something to build on,
it’s very hard to…to build on it. So when the initial thing was like
“okay, we’ve got tribes and then robots and all this stuff”,
it’s then “okay, now we’ve got concept”. But the most difficult thing is deadline…with Tomas. What deadline? I would represent today’s living life. So an exact representation of what’s happening today. I’d always wanted to do something with big tribal drums
and all that kind of thing. This is really sort of nailed it off for me to be honest. Yeah, I found lately, and not just Czech Republic,
but Europe in general is getting
a lot more melodic again. And less sort of a…you know, rollers
and foghorn and all that kind of thing. So yeah, it’s sort of melodies slicking back in again. No, I don’t prepare a set just for Czech Republic crowd. But I’ve played here quite a lot and I kind of know
what might work and what probably won’t work. Tribal drums, flowers and euphoria. Heads, big heads, big light heads…
drum & bass again, just a loop, drum & bass.

event_note March 25, 2020

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