Marvel Fantastic Four Movie Easter Eggs and Scenes Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4 Trailer

Welcome back everyone is Charlie this is
going to be my new Marvel video for all the Fantastic Four Easter eggs in the MCU in
Marvel movies so far there have actually been several we found out about a couple
that are coming through the Disney Plus series that are going to be airing next
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video so we’ll do the top ten there’s also an eleventh bonus Easter Egg too so
technically there’s 11 but we’ll start with number 10 Kang the Conqueror from
the new Loki series on Disney Plus most people know King the conquer is a
time-travel villain from The Young Avengers comics or from the straight up
Avengers comics because that’s the way they’ve been using it most recently but
he actually started out as a Fantastic Four villain called Rama Tut in 1963 a
full year before he started fighting the Avengers in their comic book K himself
is actually a descendant of Reed Richards from the 30th century so he’s
actually biologically related to mr. fantastic of the Fantastic Four
Kang’s real name is actually Nathaniel Richards he gave himself the name came
to conquer when he eventually took that mantle
Reed Richards father Nathaniel Richards from the main Marvel 6-1-6 universe had
his family with Reed Richards but he was also a scientist he also tried to travel
the multiverse eventually he successfully traveled to another reality
save that earth and then eventually had another family than many generations
later in the 30th century his descendant was named Nathaniel Richards to honor
him that boy is the one who became King the conquer so not only as came to
conquer a big time travel villain he’s also a big multiverse villain they’re
obviously relying a lot on multiverse travel and time travel for the Loki
series so it makes sense they would try to set up the concept of Kang the
Conqueror on that series we’re all thinking about alternate versions of
Loki like kid Loki or female Loki showing up because it’s a multiverse
story on that series King the conquer is also a character who spends a lot of
time interacting with other versions of himself at various points in his
timeline no I don’t think that oh and Wilson is playing Kang they did just
asked Richard E Grant who plays great villains in everything that he does but
they didn’t say who he’s playing either there will be a lot of multiverse
villains showing up on that series because the time variants authority so
number 9 next big Fantastic Four Easter Egg the time variants authority they
spend a lot of time trying to chase down Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four
because they do so much multiverse travel to most of the time when you’re
talking about Fantastic Four in the multiverse you’re either talking about
Franklin Richards creating alternate realities or you’re talking about Reed
Richards finding the negative zone or you’re talking about the maker who’s the
evil Reed Richards from another alternate reality the time various
Authority are sort of like the Time Lords of the Marvel Universe but as you
can see in these pictures Loki seems like he’s going to be an
agent or forced to help the time variant authority through his series number
eight is the Minutemen they’re all so big Fantastic Four characters that are
also part of the time variance Authority they’ll probably be chasing down Loki at
some point but they’re basically like robots so imagine if the Time Lords from
Doctor Who co-opted the Cybermen and used them to travel the multiverse and
chase down villains to try and capture them and lock them up there’s a bunch of
Easter eggs and spider-man far from home most recently so number seven there’s
the Construction sign with a one two three four we can’t wait to show you
what’s coming next this is one of those cool Easter eggs that references a bunch
of different things it’s a Marvel phase for Easter Egg because it’s phase 1
phase 2 phase 3 in phase 4 but you notice that each of the numbers also
corresponds to the different colors of the powers of the Fantastic Four and
obviously that 4 is invisible because of the Invisible Woman number 6 the
location where spider-man and MJ are standing on that street corner is just a
couple blocks from where the Baxter building has been in the Marvel Comics
and so number 5 everyone wondering who the secret buyer is behind the New
Avengers Tower it makes sense that eventually they would want to turn the
Avengers tower because that’s moved upstate and obviously now they blown up
that facility so they’re going to have to rebuild a new Avengers base when they do
a new Avengers movie but how fitting that they eventually turn the classic
Avengers tower of the MCU into the Baxter building replacing what you would
consider the giant a symbol with the four symbol what
the Fantastic Four team comes together because they haven’t introduced the
actual Fantastic Four characters on screen yet we don’t really know how old
they are in present day the 2023 after Avengers endgame we don’t know what
they’re doing and we don’t know when they’re actually going to become the
family of the Fantastic Four even though I don’t really consider it in Easter Egg
you can actually think about Nick Fury’s sword spacestation from the comics it’d
be very easy to do their comic book backstory if you just make them agents
of sword scientists working for Nick Fury on that Space Station and it gets
hit by cosmic rays like the Fantastic Four did in the comics and that’s how
they get their powers they’re actually a couple Fantastic Four references during
Avengers infinity war number four when Doctor Strange is using the time stone
to look into the future he’s looking into fourteen million six hundred and
five thousand possibilities think about the number four in 605 in Fantastic Four
issue 605 it features Reed Richards building a machine that will allow him
to see all the possible futures of the Fantastic Four exactly the same way
Doctor Strange uses the time stone to examine all their possible futures to
find one where they can beat Thanos so it’s no coincidence that they pick that
number when dr. strange was talking about their possible futures they could
have picked any number they could have said one of a billion possibilities
number three the other big Fantastic Four reference is actually in the
guardians of the galaxy intro scene with the song that they used so when the
guardians are introduced for the first time they arrive to the rubberband man
by the spinners James Gunn gave the Russos a list of songs from the 1970s to
keep the Guardians on brand when they were in the movie the Russos could have
picked any one of those songs and any part of any one of those songs because
they only use part of the song they don’t play the entire song when they
come in they very carefully selected the lyrics prepare yourself for the rubber
band band the rubber band man is actually the nickname that the thing
uses for Reed Richards so just a sly reference to the Fantastic Four number
two there’s a big meta easter egg during ant-man and the wasp most people think
about the quantum realm being a bit of a fantastic for easter egg because of the
negative zone in Reed Richards but this is actually more of a funny Easter egg
tim heidecker from ant-man the wasp cameoed as the
toward captain his scene was whittled way down in the theatrical cut so he’s
really just in the background he’s a friend of the director Peyton Reed he
has a podcast with his co-host Craig turkleton who also is involved in a bit
of a cameo contest with all of them as part of that contest he also paid to
have himself cameo in Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four back in 2015 is Reed
Richards abusive father but bringing it back around to Fantastic Four before
Peyton Reed was hired to direct the first ant-man movie way way back years
earlier when he was working at Fox he was developing his own Fantastic Four
movie we’re talking early 2000s around the time spider-man 2 with Tobey Maguire
was coming out in theaters this was way before the Tim story Chris Evans
fantastic for movies his version of the Fantastic Four movie was going to be set
during the 1960s and was not going to be a straight-up origin story like all
those early og 2000s x-men and spider-man movies were hopefully when
Marvel gets around to releasing a new Fantastic Four film they’ll find a
clever way to reference Chris Evans Human Torch and his Captain America
character speaking of which next big Fantastic
Four Easter egg in the MCU is in Captain America the First Avenger the beginning
of that movie features a cameo scene with the original Human Torch character
it just shows up in a display so obviously that’s them sort of trying to
play on the joke of Chris Evans being the Human Torch in the fantastic four
movies the really cool thing about that version of the Human Torch the original
version is that his comic book stories also feature the very first huge Marvel
character crossover story when he and Namor crossed over name wars Atlantis
also shows up on a map during Iron Man two near Wakanda here behind them when
Nick Fury is telling Iron Man about the Avengers and how he’s not totally fit
for duty also important distinction Namor is referred to as the first mutant
because he debuted in the comics before any of the other Marvel mutant based
characters before the x-men and before the Fantastic Four characters were
created way back at Comic Con Kevin Feige was actually referring to the Fox
Marvel characters collectively as mutants and that includes the Fantastic
Four characters which might give you some idea for how he’s thinking about
them inside the MCU and because of that distinction of the Fantastic Four
technically being mutants number one there’s actually
fantastic for reference during the first Iron Man movie there was a deleted scene
version of the Iron Man 1 post-credit scene with Nick Fury telling Iron Man
about the Avengers when he shows up any references mutants x-men the Fantastic
Four and spider-man years before any of those characters were ever going to
enter the MCU and some still haven’t come like the Fantastic Four As if Gamma Accidents, radioactive bug bites and assorted mutants weren’t enough. I have to deal
with a spoiled brat doesn’t play well with others and wants to keep all his
toys to himself. Right now John Krasinski is still campaigning to be Reed Richards
so hopefully Marvel makes him an offer if they haven’t already
rina the early rumor is is that Marvel is going to try and release their new
Fantastic Four movies sometime 2022 or 2023 but obviously because the virus
shut down and things being delayed a lot of the timeline could change just a
little bit things might get pushed down the road
but let me know in the comments if you spotted any big Fantastic Four Easter
eggs or references in MCU movies that I didn’t mention in the video just write
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learn all about ahsoka tano coming to the mandalorian season 2 thank you so
much for watching everyone stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!

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