Maya Rudolph Doesn’t Want to See Alec Baldwin Play Trump Again

Thank you for having
me, Mr. Baldwin. You’re so welcome. I’m glad you could make
it to join me on my show. Thanks for being here. I love what you’ve
done with the place. Thank you. The first time we
met was on SNL. Yep. And I heard that one
of your favorite songs ever was when we sang on SNL. Yep. And oddly enough, I happen
to have two microphones here. Oh! Would you like to
sing a little snippet? Well, how convenient. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] [SCATTING] (SINGING) I love
things that are great. Good things are fantastic. Guess what, I also paint. Just a hobby, nothing drastic. And one thing’s for sure. [SCATTING] (SINGING) I love
things that are great. Yeah! Oh, that’s my
favorite fake song. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] That is truly one of my
all time favorite things that’s ever been done on the
show, you as Tony Bennett. That was the Tony
Bennett theme song– not a real song,
just a perfect song. When we did that show, we
asked Tony to come on the show and he came on. And I played Tony Bennett
hosting the Tony Bennett Show, and he played a Tony
Bennett impersonator. Tony came on and played the
Tony Bennett impersonator. We had a ball doing that. He’s a dreamboat. He’s such a sweetheart. I get asked all the
time if I want to play Trump for another four years. Oh! And I have, shall we say,
mixed feelings about that. I mean, I’ll be honest with you. You’re one of my
favorite performers, but I don’t ever want to see
you playing it again, right? Right. But I want to know that when– But yours is amazing and
will go down in history as a perfect
impersonation of that man. No! It’s true. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Listen, sometimes we
performers have to do things for the greater good of man. OK, if you say so, Maya. And you, sir, art doing that. If you say so. My favorite thing is to be
in New York where I live. And you’re on the streets,
and some older woman comes up to me. She goes, isn’t it weird
how all of the things you’ve done in your
career, this is the thing you’re going
to be remembered for. I spit my coffee out
all over the floor. There’s nothing better
than New York truth. Yes, very good. Now you went back on SNL
to play Kamala Harris. Yes, with you actually. And I wonder, are you excited if
Kamala becomes the VP nominee? I keep hearing there are
little rumblings of that. I personally loved
going back to SNL, and I loved playing Kamala. It was so fun. She’s so cool, and she’s
such a great personality. And she has such a
great sense of humor. When I did her the first
time, she tweeted me. And honestly, it was like
the highlight of my life. It was so cool. So listen, I’d be thrilled. I want to say, when you
came on I was there. And when you came on,
I walked up to you. And I remember I looked up,
and I whispered in your ear. I go, you killed it. You crushed. She was so fantastic. Aw, thanks. It’s so much fun. You were great. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] The amount of time you’ve put
into Saturday Night Live– you and I might
have worked there for the same amount of
years at this point. Yeah, I think so. I did as many shows as
you have at this point. Truly. But it is really fun to go back
and do these special things. I just think you should get
like some sort of plaque at this point. I mean, you’re not even a cast– I would settle for
something else, actually. I have another prize I
would like to get instead. Yeah. I want to talk with you right
now about your new movie on Netflix, The Willoughbys. Yeah. What’s that about? The Willoughbys is great. It’s based on a
children’s book, and it’s kind of this foul
couple of parents who have a bunch of children
and are very mean to them. The parents end
up hiring a nanny. That’s me. That’s Nanny. Isn’t she cute? She’s so cute. Her hair is like a little heart. Your hair is scaring the
[BLEEP] out of me right now. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] She’s a kind lady who likes
to make oatmeal for the kids. And she basically teaches
this group of unloved children that family is more about love
than your actual bloodline. It’s adorable, and I
watch it with my kids. Your kids will love it. It’s also really beautiful.

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