Paladins Tutorial – Intermediate Item Strategy

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Items, it’s time to move on to a more strategic approach! With every Item in Paladins having three tiers to work with, it’s important to remember how powerful they can become as Credits are invested over the course of a match. Item purchases can drastically change the outcome of just about any battle in the Realm, provided you are making the right decisions to counter your opponents. To help you better understand how this process works, let’s look at some of the most common Items bought, and how they affect the flow of a match. When the enemy team just seems to be healing over every bit of damage you can throw at them, Cauterize is going to be your friend. This Item allows basic attacks to apply anti-heal when you hit an opponent, helping your damage become more permanent, and set up you or your team for some kills. If shields are stopping your team’s damage from hitting anyone, Wrecker gives a percent bonus damage against shields. This Item purchase lets you break them down… easily, and open your opponents up to attacks that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Both Cauterize and Wrecker are perfect examples of the standard offensive Items you’ll see in Paladins matches. But the defense and healing-oriented items play just as big a role on the battlefield. Take Rejuvenate for example, which allows you to fight back against Cauterize. By giving additional healing to those that buy it, it lets the Support players have a larger impact while keeping you in the fight. Maybe you don’t want to rely too heavily on your Support, though. Blast Shield and Haven help you reduce the incoming damage from pesky snipers or explosive kings, letting you live longer and providing an opportunity to turn engagements around in your favor. Utility Items in-game provide a wide range of helpful effects to elevate your play to the top depending on your focus with a particular Champion. Have a powerful Ultimate which can help steer your team towards victory? Building Moral Boost will set you up to throw out more impactful Ultimate more often. However, if you want to look towards your standard abilities, Chronos is the Item for you. Chronos reduces the cooldown of your abilities, making sure that needed heal comes up in time to save an ally, or that a dash is ready in time to get you out of a bad spot. Every match you’ll play is going to be different, which makes adaptation the key to mastering Items in Paladins. With each Item offering a benefit another can counter, balancing the needs of your team with those of your current Champion is crucial to emerging victorious. Plan your strategy. Coordinate with your teammates. And be sure to supplement your Champion with the right Items for each challenge you face.

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