Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Tango: The Adventure game for more point-and-click adventure game action. We
are right back where we left off in this little dancing and singing competition
in the bar and hopefully in this episode we’re gonna kick off by winning the
dance competition as we’ve sorted out these shoes finally. We’ve already beaten
him playing the guitar so let’s crack on and hopefully challenge Jose Jose or
Jose. Don’t scare the crowd Carlos tonight is a special night well we’re
gonna beat you in a dance contest as well man so here we go
hopefully the dodgy shoes that we’ve done or made I should say I’ve gotta
work for us here so here we go let’s move those feet yeah let’s see what
happens Hey are they fell over hey check out that sparking cheese
little stars coming from up here you won by cheating it’s impossible for you to
beat me we didn’t cheat I don’t plan on letting you get the prize dad figured it
out but I won it let me suggest something Oh a duel okay here we go how about a
singing jewel if I win I get the prize if I lose I’ll quit tango forever whoa
whoa whoa hang on hang on it’s lower the stakes of it you must be desperate since
you’re so pathetic sure let’s do this I’ll give you a couple of tries why do I
feel that is going to be a mini game or something and I’m gonna fail it if you
can’t beat me at least once by the end of the night I’m going to Paris and
milena is mine I don’t think she’d go for a dude like you milena isn’t a piece
of property you can acquire yeah tell him Carlos we’ll see I know how to deal
with that type of girl so that’s supposed to meet now it’s personal
certainly is right song let’s sing it’s now or never so I’m guessing that we need some sort
of lyrics then do we have any lyrics no we’ve got the perfect cocktail okay so
I’m thinking we need something else then because there’s these guys but yeah I
don’t think we’re gonna be able to do this because we need a song to sing we
don’t have a song to sing so can we head out into the bar can
right Tito any ideas ma’am okay no ideas alright so
we’re gonna have to find a song from somewhere then I wonder where we’re
going to get that from hmm just got tricky again I thought we
were pretty much sad but obviously not haven’t been to the racetrack again I
think we have but nothing was there right is that right
I’m sure we came back here but where are we gonna get some some lyrics help is a
stone here I didn’t see it before it’s a stone look I’m not just gonna carry a
stone around maybe another time in the hypothetical case for example that I
would ever need to escape from a prison at the ends of the earth
maybe then yep peer into the future there ma’am right
okay so we’re not going to take the stone doesn’t know there’s anything here
at all we try to take that stuff and it wouldn’t last before so where can we
find song lyrics maybe back in our room or something I have to have a think I
mean this guy is not gonna be able to tell us anything Izzy the Sailor hey
there buddy sir do you have a ticket or not this
again no okay goodbye it’s not gonna be from him so where are we gonna get these lyrics
from that’s gonna be the problem rate is Gardel made approximately nine hundred
and fifty seven recordings of seven hundred and ninety two different songs
that is absolutely crazy fast mental right is there anything in our room
perhaps we missed something some sort of lyrics up here no why is that saying
that’s still there wouldn’t picked it up there’s the frames and article photo
prize a still on the left and was his self-portrait Elena in Mar del Plata
summer of 29 we already looked at didn’t me I think I don’t think there’s
anything else in here that we missed maybe we’ve got to go to the poker game
now it’s a story they wrote about me in the newspaper could well be that we’ve
got to go to the poker game then I thought maybe we’d have to do the
competition first but perhaps we get the lyrics from the poker game or something
so let’s try heading what was the poker game was downtown wasn’t it I think god
I weighed about 250 pounds that’s actually quite heavy right boys we’re in
but we’ve got our fancy clothes now we can come in right and that’s why I can’t
go back to Australia I can’t go back either but for other reasons I think I’m the winner this hand it’s
poker very good looks like you’re learning from me
I like his tie he’s got many Calavera on his tie the guy next to her Carlos don’t
talk so much druk who is scaring me I thought he looked like Dracula I was
gonna say look like Dracula one of those paintings looks very interesting they
talking about the one behind me well it belongs to me now
I won it a few hands ago and he’s been bragging about it ever since right okay so we’ve got some cards Tim’s
here dragoons here Miguel’s here there’s the exit nothing we can do the light
painting painting it’s a portrait of big Tony oh that’s big Tony I won that
painting with this last hand wonder if we have to win the painting you like it
yeah it would look good at my room play that win if you’re good you can take it
with you okay should we talk to people that I tell the joke about the
hematologist he went to Dracula’s castle No again then get your hands on the deck
and let’s play I see what druggies got to say Carlos
didn’t you come here to play shuffle the deck and deal all right Miguel deal we don’t have all
day we actually do because it’s a computer game so we have as long as we
need Carlos they tell me that you’re having
some troubles in love the problem is that he’d never treated
her like a queen I’m sorry to butt in but women should always be treated like
a queen I see what’s going on here Queen or not shuffle and deal and think
about what you’re doing so you’ve got a give Dracula the Queen right pick up
five cards to complete the challenge silky smooth fingers be careful you only
have one chance to pick each card oh god okay so we have to click on the Queen or do we wait for Queen and slight I’m not
100% certain what we’re doing here alright damn okay did I miss the Queen
is it not coming back now right makes sense about you only get one
chance thing right I’ve got some hot cards boys again with the same old tool
wait and see what card the cards have to say lay him out and stop messing around
Royal Flush Pass not again
you must be possessed he’s been like this all night it’s impossible to win
right we’ll see about that I’ll have started eating better cards
you know all happening to you if you don’t don’t friend Carlos he’s doing just fine
just fine for you if you value your life start dealing bear cards all right geez
it’s my first attempt no just before you deal let me just say that your dress
like a king right so we need Kings this time that reminds me of the joke where
the king goes into a I like hell it keeps feeding you what one you need
hurry up and deal I can’t handle the King of Comedy just so you don’t miss it
so I know a bit more what I’m looking for now I think I think we just got to
to just like click every time we see a king round there last time I wasn’t
doing so good so I might go that quiet to concentrate so I don’t miss it
King King or we always miss that one that was double was a bit that sleep he
wasn’t here where I was the king is a king didn’t do it remember that you used to
have money right before you started to play against me
we’ll see about that keep hey I only came here to have fun and win win I
doubt it fun even more doubtful what’s the matter
with this guy I was wondering that I must be hungry or thirsty bringing the
gentleman a whiskey bring him a Bloody Mary it’s the only
thing he drinks girl stop talking let’s play for house pass poka wins
you’re a lucky man deal again I want a rematch okay well we managed to do it
once but before you do let me just say that you are dressed like a king okay so
we’re looking for Kings again here we go right Kings here we go can we do Kings
again come on we can do it King King mister doubles the doubles are
what really nearly catches you out nice we’re looking for one more king I’m really nervous this is way in the
tennis there we go we’ve got it we got it
whoa it’s quite nerve-wracking if you’re really under pressure I hope you’re not
partial to that suit of yours how many hands have got win or you to that tie
yeah I want the Grim Fandango type alright let’s play stop talking straight
I feel like you aren’t going to beat me now we’ll see pair three of a kind polka
I think I’m gonna win with this hahaha one more hand I’ll double it I’ll triple
it will ask whatever you want but you’re not gonna beat me okay you’ll see we’ll
see okay third go I don’t know if I got it
in me to do a third one in life just as in poker I’ve always felt even smaller
than an ace so we’re looking for aces I feel on thought the same about you
you’re a zero two in eighths to shore drag ooh shut up you know that the ace
is in the deck it’s just that you will never get to see
we’re gonna get the aces don’t you worry about that I hope I feel even more under
pressure now because it was like two out of the three of us humans we’ve got to
get these aces we can do this Thanks face okay thanks ace okay got it we got it oh it’s always
shaking there oh we did it let’s see the cards for house look
closely because at this rate you’re going to be left with just your
underwear all right Tim we’ll see Pass poker it’s my lucky day
hand over your money I mean come on three in a row
really ah one more that’s it you can even take four panes in if you want one
more but only because you’re a good loser
Oh game please why you making me do this Carlos did I tell you the story about
the king who I like the king story a lot so it’s not Carlos it might be the last
story Ace three King wait you guys are tending
which cards to grab Oh Oh rumbled what around here you’ve got a win by the
rules we’re rumbled good rule of thumb you’re
the blind I’m sick of this I’m gonna kill you oh my god I bet you are here
and take the painting with me before they get me involved too okay we’ve got
an achievement as well for that here we go painting nice all right fellas the
jig is up don’t worry the boys are giving him a
beating now thank God we didn’t have to do it a fourth time haha nice style sir
you can join the gang whenever you like I don’t want to be in the gang
don’t tempt me I’m trying to give my vices up right now okay so we did it and
we got this painting it’s a beautiful painting signed by the legends of tango looking at this in the light I can tell
there’s something strange about it maybe something behind the canvas I’m
not sure right so can we open it up maybe with this thing the spoon not
possible okay maybe the book the corkscrew maybe looks like there’s
something else in this painting please be lyrics please be lyrics yes
it’s the famous tango lyrics what were they doing in that gambling den what
powers do they have I put them away they’re priceless okay so can we read
them alright I could sing non-stop okay so let’s get back to the bar then
because I reckon if we go to the bar we should be able to use that to win the
competition right that’s what I’m hoping anyway
question is do we use the lyrics on the mic or do we just sing from it
automatically you wouldn’t like do it nice so we’re
gonna have to sing automatically I’m guessing don’t scare the crowd Carlos
man mmmm-mmm well we’ll see you scaring the crowd in a minute ma’am here we go
the sink it’s now or never I couldn’t agree more the passion about not bad singing check this out okay space standing ovations we’ve got a big check
and an achievement oh we’re getting on the boat okay so
we’re going to Paris then I’m guessing I say my last goodbyes to you today Buenos
Aires I ask your forgiveness for all my love love made me what I am a man
without a moral compass love made me irrational and reckless when our errors
my love when I see you again no more sorry or forget
oh no this is what we’re gonna get arrested isn’t it say hello to my little
friend it’s Lynch well we got shot
and what happened obviously I didn’t die well yeah but it was the worst boat trip
of my life I plan to drink and Gamble I ended up in bed with a bullet that
sounds horrible well you’re alive that’s a positive then
what happened did you find the laner that story is a lot longer we lost about the tango lyrics right
well don’t leave me hanging what happened when I got there I went to the
address that she gave me in the letter and I didn’t find her huh she’d already moved away oh it to all
the hostels and hotels around all over Paris and nothing wonder were happy
so without a dollar to my name I started to sing in the street I now had a bit
more money I went to the track it started betting again
marci must have got arrested in France what happened I saw the light in the
third race there was a beautiful horse named lunatic notice the coincidence
there is a massive coincidence and I bet big time Wow he lost
no way it was destiny 2news no destiny was the second horse I hunted
and do one I lost couldn’t catch a break no no lost was the horse have one with
it was a terrible horse nobody found him I thought I was dumb for that he’d won I’ve got a ton of money and then I
fulfilled my dream and opened up a tango bar I don’t know if it was because of the
tango lyrics but the ball was a success and I sang every night I was the star of
the place that’s a story for some other time well there we go and that’s it that’s
the end of the game Wow okay doesn’t seem to be any ending music which is
interesting I thought there might be well I didn’t expect it to end there but
that’s that’s pretty cool we saw the whole of the back story then we figured
out exactly what happened how we ended up in prison and saw how he’s career
Stein I mean I know it’s not not accurate historically and stuff but yeah
that was really really cool and I’ve really enjoyed playing this game
actually I’ve been really surprised by how good is especially for an indie game
like the the animation the music and the story and everything is is really really
good man what an adventure playing this just a really cool game if you guys want
to play it you can get it on Steam it’s only got a couple of quid and I highly
recommend it I know the developers said it hasn’t so particularly well but I’m
really surprised about that because it’s a great little game so if you can go
ahead and support it thank you for watching
so it was always thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed the video click
on that like button it really does set the channel to grow so I do appreciate
make sure you hit that subscribe button and the notification both you need or
just haven’t already done so next up we will be playing Indiana Jones and the
fate of Atlantis which I cannot wait to play because I’ve heard so many good
things about it so that will be starting on Saturday so I will see you all for
that one see you all next time


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