14 thoughts on “Rats becoming a problem in New Orleans as people empty restaurants, streets”

  • Well now would be a great time for all of the establishments in the quarter to scrub their kitchens to the extreme and have them inspected

  • We are being updated on rats..
    However since the Corona horse has galloped into town they do not even report flu deaths anymore…even though they are higher than CORONAVIRUS β—β—β—πŸ˜’

  • Rats can smell scents likeucantbelieve remember a little thing called the plague rats coming off of ships with fleas that killed millions in europe set out victor woodin rat trapswith peanutbutter it will snap their ass mice and rats love peanutbutter but they do have phermones it leaves a trail to bring other rats to food yes i know they do makegoodpets but these arent pets how about another plague on top off the shitwe got now death has awoken once again it never sleeps but now with a vengance rabies remember that one cheese and crackers the rat problem in georgetown wash d.c. is pretty damn bad to if we begin toeat them maybe they will become extinct not kidding its a real problem to and the homeless in california and other states too!! Hey man what else you want to stack on the pile!!!???

  • Bourbon Street because in Romans 6:23 it's written that the wage of sin is Death but The Gift of God is Eternal Life for all those in Christ Jesus and also let me remember y'all that this 2nd Chronicles 7:14 Prophecy and Curse upon The City of New Orleans won't stop until Governor Edwards and Mayor Cantrell seek My Face like Pharaoh did when he called unto Joseph in Genesis 41…

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