10 thoughts on “Restaurants Urge Californians To Order Out For ‘The Great American Takeout’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemi”

  • Instead of getting that liberal arts degree maybe you should have studied business. You would have known to set money aside in saving account, now you are closing your doors.

  • More like why do you want us to buy from your restaurant when we all could barely afford our mortgage / rent for next month!!!

  • So I should risk my life to support their lives and the economy? I get that the economy needs to stay afloat but the risk is too great and how can I be guaranteed that the food I order isn't handled by someone that could potentially be infected?

  • on the contrary, it's a great time to learn to cook by watching youtube.
    takeout or dine-in, you never know the restaurant workers that prepare your food might be infected!
    we really don't need restaurants or eat out (but the media won't tell you that.)

  • Like the take out food wouldn't be any more contaminated and passed around. People unfortunately have time to cook now since nobody is able to afford anything else.

  • How the fudge are we suppose to order out if we don’t have jobs to pay for even our bills and now u want us to support them

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