Secret “Classified” Bunker Easter Egg in Warzone – Everything We Know (Data Mined Code)

hello hello ladies and gentlemen today
we’re gonna be going over the bunker Easter egg in modern warfare now I know
many many many other youtubers have gone over this but I have yet to find a video
that actually covers literally everything that we know right now of
course at any point in the future some of this information could change but
this is what we know as of now at the time that I am recording this data
miners have actually found that this Easter Egg is uncompleted which is very
unfortunate because I know a lot a lot of people have put time into figuring
this all out and I’ve put quite a few hours of time but although it is
uncompleted all right now that does not mean that it’s gonna stay that way
forever furthermore any information I am sharing from here on out could come in
handy in the future when this Easter Egg is activated so a few things that we
have found in the files is that there are 24 interactive keypads 12 of them
are linked to the bunkers and 12 were unsure of what they’re linked to then we
have 28 phones 16 computers and 6 radios now we have no idea how these are linked
to the bunkers whatsoever but those are all in the files one of the reasons that
we know that this Easter Egg is uncomputable right now is because there
is code that states computer underscore deny phone underscore deny and radio
underscore deny and there is no coding for a approved or a positive message as
of yet that code could have been removed or it’s being saved for a later limited
time mode now also in the code we have found strings or triggers for nukes that
state the following messages there are 10 minute warnings 5 minute warnings and
a nuclear warhead in down warning that states someone armed a nuke get to the
helipad and get the hell out of here before it blows now this could all mean
that this is linked to some kind of limited time mode or a special event
kind of like fortnight that once we figure all this out once this easter egg
is activated that this could be a match changing event as of right now we really
don’t know although that would be really cool if we’re the ones that activated
each thing causing the event and maybe they’re just not ready for it now we’re
jumping into everything that we know outside of the code the war zone map is
split into five different sectors north west south west central and south and
then last but not least east each sector has its own vaults whether that has a
connection or not we’re really not sure at this point but there are a total of
12 volts from 0 to 11 spread across the map the first bunker is going to be at
the very bottom left edge of the map in d8 and this is gonna be at the very edge
of the map too for bunker oh one this is also gonna be at the very bottom left of
the map to the left of boneyard this vault actually has a section that has
loot in it which is really cool that you can go and get now vault two and three
are actually in the same location and that’s gonna be past boneyard over to
the left hand side and both of these also have looped vault number four is
gonna be below the dam and d2 vault number five is going to be south of the
military base and e3 volt six is gonna be east of quarry and h3 and then vault
seven and a are kind of like two and three where they’re right next to each
other and they both also have loot and that’s gonna be on the northeast side of
stadium I’m sure many of you guys have seen this before I actually went over
there and I didn’t know that they were considered vaults if you go into them
you can go all the way to the bottom and at the very end is actually what we’re
looking at and that’s a vaulted off section or the blocked off section volt
number nine is going to be right next to the prison connected to that rocky hill
volt 10 is gonna be south of park on the very edge of the map and this also has
loot last but not least bunker number 11 is going to be north of the military
base in e1 if we’re not really looking at the code at first glance it would
seem like the bunkers have really nothing to do
anything that it could just be all cosmetic purposes but after a lot of
research we meaning the community have found out that this is definitely not
the case modern warfare actually has its own tact
math on its website where we can search around on each one of these locations on
that map is considered classified and if this was all just cosmetic purposes I
have a good feeling it would not be on there especially under classified there
are 11 classified locations on this tack map as you can see here’s one here’s one
here’s one there’s a bunch just in this blue section there are many many
classified locations 11 like I said what is cool is something that Dee community
has found out you can head over to inspect element and go into the map zone
content and just keep putting this down and then you can see the map tôi stats
unknown we can take the unknown out of this and then the stats will end up
actually popping up which is really really cool now for each one of these
locations we can actually head over to the loop Bart and see that it’s quite
literally off the charts so there must be something pretty great behind there
and it makes sense that if there’s loot then sometime in the future we are meant
to get into there now unfortunately there’s no way to take the redacted text
out that is just text that they haven’t hidden anything under but overall I
would say it’s all pretty cool now bunker 9 is actually shown under 5c
which is a little weird we have to head all the way down to the pastor hatch and
it states in the shadow of a tree among some rocky ground in a pasture and a
small set of stone foundation blocks a small generator and a locked trapdoor
this hatch leads to redacted which is talking about hatch 9 now weirdly enough
bunker 4 is not mentioned anywhere on the website I would say that this is
definitely not a coincidence although we do not know at this time
now each bunker also has a keypad linked to it all that our interactable
except bunker which again I would say is not a
coincidence it’s also the only bunker that is positioned kind of far away than
all the other ones quite literally an outcast now if you zoom in on the
keypads you can actually see text that states s dash IB network now if we do a
little research and google this we can go to this wiki page just scroll down a
little bit and this is actually a control panel and this was salvaged from
one of the Kennedy Space Center’s launch control center firing rooms after
completion of the Apollo something tests projects in 1975 now we’re seeing stuff
about nukes in the codes and now this now also have another website here that
I save the link to I can definitely put it down in the description that goes
over more about this panel now that website actually goes into how that
rocket was launched which very very much correspondence to everything that is
talked about in the code there is absolutely no way that’s a coincidence
that they just randomly threw that on there just because now I also have
another map here that I will leave down in the description that was made by map
Genie over here and this is pretty cluttered I’m gonna unclutter everything
as far as I know of this hasn’t been updated in the past few days when we
have found a lot more phones and computers but overall this is pretty
cool to look to as you can see there’s those computers the phones the bunkers
scattered around the map and these are all interactable and there’s only
certain computers around the map and certain phones around the map that are
interactable which we’re thinking at this point probably corresponds to each
other in some way or another so although that we’re not too sure how the phones
and computers are linked to the bunkers it only makes sense that it would be all
linked in some kind of way whether that be another limited time mode we’re just
not sure at this point but maybe once the code is activated we’ll have to
press the computers in some kind of order or press the computers the phones
and the bunkers and some kind of order where the coordinates
corresponding some kind of way to the bunkers that we need to know again at
this time we’re just unsure now someone in the call of duty community actually
found out how to get into these bunkers with a drone now as you can see there’s
nothing behind these bunkers they do have that first little section that has
the light fixtures but after that point there’s literally nothing now I would
say that there’s two different reasons why this is not there one because this
section of the map has not been triggered to load in maybe we have to
complete some kind of sequence to load the sections of the map in kind of like
zombie Easter eggs in zombies they take out sections of the map that only have
to do with the Easter eggs and load that in once you do a certain sequence due to
how big the game actually is this is to keep everything down to a minimum and
the less that they have to load in the better this also can prevent glitching
and this could also be preventing people like this guy that figured out how to
get a drone into there figuring out what’s behind it or it could simply just
not exist yet there’s a lot of questions and a lot of stuff we just do not know
at this time but I’m super excited for the future when it comes to these
bunkers let me know what you guys figure out make sure to update me on all this I
really enjoy figuring all this out finding all this out reading all this
it’s been a blast but anyways that’s all that we know of so far I hope that I
covered everything there’s a lot but anyways thank you guys for watching as
always I love you guys I appreciate you guys and I will see y’all in the next

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