SensDesk IoT portal in hotels and house rentals

Hello, I am Christopher and in the next videos,
I will show you some solutions which you can use the SensDesk portal for. Today we will talk about hotels and house
rentals.If you are the owner of a hotel or if you are a manager at a hotel you know how
hard it is to know all of the information about all of the rooms. It has never been easier to see all the information
in one place. And what also can be good is that SensDesk
can be customized so it can run on your server, you could use your own logo, etc for more
information please contact us or your distributor. Thanks to our devices, sensors and through
the SensDesk portal we can see that we don’t have any motion on the reception and all our
windows are in the ok state, so there were no vibrations from broken windows. Our hotel is near a football stadium so we
don’t know which football player will break our windows today! A very common situation is that some of our
clients do not close their doors, or they flood the bathroom. Thank God and SensDesk because today we have
everything under control and everything is in the range. But wait, wait what is wrong, our thermostat
isn’t working correctly and the temperature is out of our safe range in the room. And it’s clear thanks to our smoke detector
that the guest in room 206 despite the smoking ban is smoking!!.. Time to send one of our employees to visit
this room! Do you know all the SensDesk portal features? You can see it here or you can visit the SensDesk
portal and try out a demo account. Thank you for your attention and I look forward
to seeing you in the next videos.

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