Sonic Ruins Everything Bloopers

I guess you’re right After all Shadow helped me get my chaos emerald. Oh my good… Sonic Sonic sits here and Shadow sits there. I hit my leg on…trailer. Just look at this sign, Tails! Crazy This is what happens when you don’t follow regulations and you’re Eggman And team up with him? Oh, dude, touching “That is awkward”
“oops” “oops” He hit a gutter Miss This ends now. Wow, I really don’t sound like Shadow. This is stupid. I sound like Batman. Are you reading yet? Wait, I lost my place! Tails, come on! Read the script! Listen, Youtube I’m so sorry I cannot replicate the sonic voices. I tried my best. I just wanted to say I’m sorry. Cut the tape. Shadow, what did you hit when you came up? Be quiet, Sonic. What are we doing? Sorry, Shadow, but this is for the movie. Too quick Oh, that looked really nice here, eh? Eh, Shadow? Sonic He hit the box. I moved the thing. Door bell, curse you because you rang. What is that noise? I lost my place. How am I supposed to read this? Why, producers? Pointed at my face. What am I doing? I smell a chaos emer… My arm is going wacky. He didn’t cover his eyes. Fail Wait Oh, no My arm No, keep the camera still. We can do this again. Oh okay We can redo this. Too high Finally, yes

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