Stranger Things Secret Cinema review: A worthy tribute to the hit series

 Stranger Things fans can now find themselves transported back in time to the world of the Netflix show in a brand new immersive experience Marking Secret Cinema’s first excursion into the world of television, here’s a quick look a what you can expect from their newest outing  Secret Cinema has made a name for itself over the past few years for creating unique and immersive experiences  Now the company has expanded outside of its usual remit of cinema and for the first time into the world of television through a new partnership with Netflix  Transforming a secret London location into Hawkins, Indiana on a balmy July 4, the new experience invites viewers to step outside of the November cold and back in time  And what Secret Cinema has managed to create with the world they’ve built for guests is truly something to behold   READ MORE Stranger Things season 4 release date: Is Stranger Things delayed?  From the moment you step into the hustle and bustle of the Starcourt Mall welcomed by some overzealous inductees, this is a truly immersive experience  While loathe to spoil any of the exact things on offer, the feeling of stepping into your favourite television show has never felt quite so visceral  Guests are invited to explore the mall and the fourth of July celebrations while also following the happenings of all of their favourite characters in the show  Part of this follows the tradition of past Secret Cinema events with each attendee given a special character to inhabit in this new world  But while you’re set on your own specific task, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to relive some of your favourite moments of the third season reenacted around you  This is especially the case as Secret Cinema has really excelled in is creating a cast that looks uncannily like their small-screen counterparts  The acting is also very strong and visitors would do well to keep their eyes peeled at what characters are up to around them  However, perhaps the only place where the experience slightly falls down in comparison to previous outings is through the lack of a specific screening  DON’T MISS.Coronation Street spoilers: Fan favourite to return to the cobbles? [SPOILERS]Game of Thrones: Daenerys star blames darkness on Battle of Winterfell [INTERVIEW]The Big Bang Theory: Huge Sheldon Cooper plot hole leaves fans raging [INSIGHT] The evening leads instead to a special show, which the organisers have asked to remain a surprise for guests  There were a few practical issues with such a decision, including the time-consuming nature of herding attendees into a smaller space as well as the lack of seats on offer  All of this meant that this part of the evening requires a bit of stamina to make it through  Although, this will probably only be a concern for frequent Secret Cinema visitors who are used to the traditional format of the evening Trending READ MORE Stranger Things: Are there multiple gates to the Upside Down?  This is also more than made up for by the immersive experience beforehand, which is all focused around Netflix’s third series  The unique atmosphere created in the show which thrusts its viewers into the summer of 1985 is perfectly depicted here  And for fans of the darkness of the series, rest assured that this is still lurking around the corners at all times  So leave your phone at the door, don your best (and biggest) 80s wig and get stuck into the world of Stranger Things  

event_note March 26, 2020

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