100 thoughts on “The 27th Day (1957) Sci-Fi Full Length Movie”

  • Let me ask you then, THE ALIEN dude… what are the longitude and latitude of this ship? please and thanks.

  • Ahhh…those women from the 1950s: they're never hungry, but they're always craving a cigarette and they constantly smoke like a chimney, even if they're pregnant. They have thick, gorgeous hair, but then they cut it all off as short as a man's. They wear high-heeled, skin-tight shoes, yet they always seem to be out on dirt roads walking their feet raw. They keep themselves rail thin to the point where they practically have no breasts, then they all wear a 'bullet bra' to accentuate what little they have. God, I miss the fifties….well, maybe I DON'T, lol! 🤣🤣🤣

  • I feel sorry for 'Sutan', she didn't exactly have a lot of options. She chose her own way. The Russian soldier didn't have it easy either.

  • Interesting movie but there is one serious plot error. The capsules were designed to only eliminate the 'bad guys'. Why then when the single capsule was tested did the fellow who sacrificed his own life die? This act of ultimate good should have made him invulnerable to the capsules effect.

  • Traveling at the speed of light, the earth would not have been receding so slowly. In fact, it would have been out of sight to this spacecraft.

  • Ha ! That army guy keeping hold of his gun at the start. He knows that you can be court martial-led for losing your gun!.

  • Did not so friendly aliens drop Covid-19 over China to infect and kill thousands of homo sapiens worldwide, or was the virus given birth to by intelligent humans who consider it right and proper to keep live animals intended for human consumption jam-packed in filth, death and diseased conditions?

  • Noticed that 2 of these weapons , majority, went to the United States. Saigon 1, England 1, Russia 1, so America would be the most powerful

  • If every human within a radius of 1500 miles would be killed, who was taking the pictures of the guy in the raft? LOL

  • Click on the "Cult Cinema Classics" name to the left and you'll see all their uploads. You gotta love those 40s 50s and 60s posters! Mars needs women indeed!

  • If they were traveling at the speed of light and turned on the ship's lights, how would they know what was ahead of them?

  • So how many Americans died from the radiation? Or are we supposed to believe every single American in 1957 was an agent of Freedom? I'm sure there were some empty clothes in the South after the blasts. And some Russians must have made it, right?

  • The guy playing the alien is Arnold Moss who played Kodos The Executioner on Star Trek TOS Season 1 Episode 13
    'The Conscience of The King'. "Jim, I'll never forget that voice…"

  • I watched this movie more than 40 years ago, being sick with flu. I had been looking for it for many years but did not the title. Google helped.

  • What a great movie! I'm amazed that I had never heard of it especially with Gene Barry starring. Excellent video and audio quality. Notice the supporting actors from the 3 Stooges also filmed at Columbia.

  • Just one of the thousands of sci-fi films to come out of the 1950's. That wasn't corny or used poor special effects. A request from aliens to settle on earth, but first WE had to clean up our act. Gene played in this and another classic that showed the evil of the aliens, War of the Worlds. Enjoy mankind, or else. (?).

  • Came here to see Valerie French in a red teddy and found a good movie.
    Reality all the UN representatives would be dead.

  • 50:44 They were hoping it would happen… Iron Curtain Breaks…Iron Curtain Lifts…oh and all nations newspaper headlines written in English too: La Gazette de Paris, Gazzetta di Roma, Berliner Saats Zeitung, The Tokyo Press & Journal, even the Washington Dispatch too.

  • Earthlings: "…The people of Earth calling, if you hear us, we ask that you reply within 15 seconds"
    Aliens in Outer Space: "…Please continue to hold, your call is very important to us, an agent will be with you in several minutes"

  • Professor, I am afraid you must delay your trip to America. “But why”? Haven’t you heard about Corona virus?

  • This was a very interesting concept. The movie was built on a good foundation and it was well produced. Interesting also was how Ms Wingate's make up improved over time and her attire. The last few scenes, her eye makeup made her look more attractive and her outfit was appealing.

  • From 14:14 on – https://youtu.be/y7CgLI_TcKo
    – for a couple minutes, you can see Ronald Reagan at the UN Assembly talking about something very much like this "27th Day" movie;

    "Perhaps we need some outside universal threat / I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an Alien threat from outside this world" – Ronald Reagan at the UN

  • One of my favorites as a kid. As an adult, I had to laugh at "The universe in which my world exists is dying…" Great upload. Good job.

  • I .' M missed those pancake flying saucers, Are they still existing? I loving these movie though i were have't borne yet. Thks n greatly appreciated!!

  • I remembered this, I was in a drive in theater with my blonde gf sucking my ck. I wish I could go back in time

  • Now we gotta steal those alien ships and technology – and pay all them back for putting earth through all that stress!

  • Like how the car at 42:40 takes up at least three parking spots when it parks. Way to go sunshine, next time park in a handicap zone why don't ya!

  • 23:27 Didn't he play the 'first secretary' in the film "Firefox" with Clint Eastwood… I can even remember his lines… "You will not of course make it to wherever you are going Mr Gant…"

  • Really good movie if you don't believe in God or enjoy it as fiction like elves, fairy tale. Then interesting take.

  • What is the name of the American announcer on the radio – seems his voice is in a lot of these movies making announcements.

  • They should have decided among themselves to put the bombs into a sack and throw it into the sea. Problem solved.

  • 21:30
    whenever movies made for general audiences in the late 50s and early 60s –
    referred to "rock and roll" – it was always loud and raucous big band swing.
    REAL rock and roll appeared only in cheap exploitation movies
    aimed solely at teenagers.
    "A Hard Day's Night" in 1964 was the first "serious" movie –
    meant to be palatable to general audiences – which featured real rock and roll.

  • @21:42ff Watch out, the two of you! An extraterrestrial vehicle of a different kind, eyes wide open, is tailing you. Its cover name is BEETLE.

  • Why give the German characters German names almost none of the actors can pronounce correctly? Why Professor Klaus Bechner when everybody says Bekner instead of pronouncing the CH as, e.g., in MädCHen Amick? Why Dr. Karl Neuhaus when everybody says Newhouse instead of NOYhouse (haus and house sound the same)? Granted, there is one Schmidt, but how about Meyer (cf. Cpt. Leland StottleMEYER or musician John Mayer) and Becker for the other two? Bean counting? Well … er yes.

  • Wow! Rather dangerously naive. The capsules were able to KILL "every person throughout the world known to have been a confirmed enemy of human freedom." Who makes that decision and how? And a couple of other questions: Why would the aliens believe that ANYONE would activate a weapon that would kill everyone on earth, and why these 5 people in particular? Just sayin'. Otherwise, an enjoyable if disturbing movie.

  • Russia, China, and Iran are the Aliens we need to defeat otherwise we will never enjoy the freedoms we knew post world war 2.

  • Don't hand it over to the government they are the real bad guys ! Do the smart thing throw it into the sea like that smart sexy lady did you did good honey ! 🇮🇱

  • Makes no sense for Soviets to issue ultimatum. They'd just use their capsules first. The solution for us would be to put one of ours as close to them as possible–West Berlin, perhaps and announce retaliation if they did so. Then nobody could use them. By the time they figure out what to do, 27 days are over.

  • If the rays killed everyone in the world known to be an enemy of freedom, then how come the benevolent test dude was vaporized?

  • 1:10:12 + Brought to you by the Phillip Morris Company; makers of fine cigarettes*.

    *small tobacco capsules which can kill mankind without additional damage to other lifeforms.

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