100 thoughts on “The Game Continues, Best Cop Moments – Part 8”

  • I like how he arrested you for it but didnt even know which cars were "Racing". You can hear him in the video saying he wasnt sure which ones were racing LMAO

  • In the south I usually never set over 10 mph very the speed limit. Over that you will get pulled over. I usually set it at 9 over 😄. Boring but no tickets in over 10 years

  • How come it's called the united states of america if all the states have different fucking laws and some go over or under laws from other states, it just seems stupid.

  • Some cops are just pigs because they get away with it and no one ever throws them in jail for what they do lol.

  • I used to fish right where you were sitting before you crossed into indiana. Looked like the south haven lighthouse

  • Imagine setting ur cruise control more than 10mph over the speed limit and being suprised when u get pulled over

  • How the hell do you consider doing 14 miles per hour over the limit not something to be pulled over for? Try 9 mph and you might be okay.

  • For cops needing to know makes and models of vehicles, they did a swell job on the Ferrari thing/ Mustang GT

  • I can not think of a time in my life where I needed a police officer . They are nothing but exhorting the public. They are thieves

  • >hates Michigan because of cop troubles
    >Almost gets license taken away by first cop
    >Sets cruise control at 69 in a 55

    What are you doing

  • What kind of shithole states have a 55mph speed limit? US1 in south florida where i live is 55! Highway is 70

  • You can fly in the US without a license if you’re flying in the US and are a citizen just so people know lol

  • Your strategy of setting the cruise 14 mph over and cruising past a cop was just stupid. Maybe it's not Michigan's fault, dumb ass.

  • People really think you are going to set your cruise at 14 mph over and not get pulled over? And you think going 14mph over "is not against the law"? What is wrong with people these days? Set your CC for 8-9mph over and will almost never get pulled over again.

  • Surprised you've had so much trouble with Michigan, I find the roads to have some of the most reasonable speed limits in the US, besides texas. If you drive on the highways around detroit, note almost all of them are at 70. Sure rural roads are 70 too but I've found there's very few cops too. Show me another city in the US where pretty much every highway is at 70. Chicago it's all 55 crap. Rural new york doesn't even get up to 70.

  • 69 in a 55 is always a ticket and NOT reasonable. This guy is an idiot who enjoys getting tickets. 9 you’re fine 10 your mine is a common saying among ALL stat highway patrol

  • Oh yeah only doing 15 over the speed limit most states you’ll be lucky to get away doing 5 over

  • Y would u go 14 over if u didn’t want to get pulled over? It slows you down so much but at the same time I’d be speeding like a mother fucker as well

  • 55MPG is idiocy and only in place for a money grab, and cops know this. BTW, cops are the worst offenders for speeding, so it is not a moral obligation to stop speeders on their part, it is all about the money.

  • Michigan must be like Saskatchewan, don't get pulled over for 6 years..go there..get pulled over 3 times in days for speeding.

  • Anything over five miles an hour over the speed limit in Indiana you will get pulled over this is my home state

  • Your getting pulled over on purpose of course it’s enough to get pulled over. Stop purposely getting pulled over

  • You Rob are just bad luck. I moved from Petoskey Michigan in 1990 to Cleveland Ohio, and then been in Columbus till current. I've taken hundred or more road trips up north taking 23n to route 2, set cruise control at 85 and go.. been stopped once and that was at the McDonald's cause my wife's licence was restricted and he was making sure I had mine. Rule of thumb.. never pass approaching an incline o. The highway, no speeding around blind bends. And if there are huge banks and tree cover stay your ass in the passenger lane. If your doing the speed limit and semis pass you it's safe to speed. I follow these rules and never have an issue

  • For every 10 miles per hour over 55, the increase of death goes up. Most states have kept the 55mph rule since the 60's and have never updated them. 55 is designated for highways usually and when your about to enter city limits. I've seen speed limits posted as fast as 80mph. Through Michigan and a few other states but there is usually a lot of nothing in these areas meaning the risk really only falls upon you the driver. It's a given fact speed kills, and the lower speed limits also generate a shot ton of revinew for individual cities and townships. Not saying it's right but it's how the game is played. Saying the city or state sucks after planing a big fucking bullseye on your car and then speeding isn't the smartest thing to do. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. That being said.. good luck on current and future endeavors. Thanks for taking those L's for us and letting us live vicariously through you and your videos. Stay safe and God bless

  • 7:38 that's the MSP I know and generally cool people. I hope you come back some day, it's not too bad just bad luck with out of state plates…. not much different than any other state. 70 mph throughout the state and 75 up north now. <10 over and usually not even a flinch from cops

  • You are too funny you have been gettin tickets for quite a while because of various driving laws haven’t you figured that speeding etc aren’t making any money good content though for videos LOL

  • Where I live, you're lucky to not get a ticket at 5 over. All the highways switch between 45mph and 55mph randomly so you have to pay serious attention if you don't have the areas where they switch memorized. Sucks. =/

  • Were you recording
    Could I get a copy of that
    Yep when your atornite files for it

  • 69 in a 55 is 14 over. any cop will pull anyone over for that. I dont get why you think its absurd that MI was pulling you over for 14 over the limit.

  • This dude is fucking stupid lmao “I’m purposely breaking the law, but to me it’s not breaking the law cause it’s stupid, but I can’t believe I got a ticket”

  • I got a 78 in a 55mph by a michigan state trooper in some hick town. you want to talk about a shitty place to speed. Hands down worst place.

  • 55 mph on the high way in the middle of nowhere is just ridiculous. Even in LA where there's millions of cars on the road, it's 65 mph

  • I grew up in Michigan, I hate that hell hole of a state. Best decision I ever made in my life was to leave that dying hell hole.

  • Rob was operating on a very flawed presumption. Intentionally setting one's cruise control at 14 mph over the speed limit was guaranteed to get him pulled over in any state, unless traffic in his immediate vicinity going in his same direction was traveling at least 10 mph faster than he was. Assuming a minimum speed limit of 65, in TX, AR, OK, NV, TN, AZ and a few other states, one can most of the time get away with 9 mph above the limit without getting stopped. On anything but interstate it's usually anything above 6 mph over the limit and you're getting pulled over and may get a ticket. Inexplicably, in Arkansas between Hot Springs and Little Rock on I-30 clocked at 94 mph in a 70 at 2 o'clock on a Sunday morning no ticket was issued by the Arkansas State Highway Patrol — not even a warning ticket. It helped that I was following two other vehicles traveling at least that speed or more. It just goes to show one can never tell what will happen and total discretion is left to the law enforcement officer in most states. So be respectful, apologetic, never argue even if you have irrefutable video evidence and try your best to provide the LEO every chance to give you a break.

  • Michigan sucks in so many ways and the cops cannot take an out of state license in lieu of bail. I used to live there many moons ago and would never go back.

  • Complains about police, yet sets cruise control 14mph above the speed limit. And after getting ticket, continues to keep cruise control 14 over…..

  • Citizens pay for roads, road repairs, speed limit signs highway signs. build the roads, pay for the cars, tires, repairs, maintenance,
    fuel, etc. etc. Government sees roads, puts a badge on someones shirt, charges you for a sticker saying you can drive the car
    on the road you helped pay to build, charges you for a card telling it legal to operate a vehicle on the roads you helped pay to build.
    Restricts you on what you can and cannot do on the roads you helped pay to build. Somewhere along the line, we have all
    sold more to the government than they deserve.

  • How does one get pulled over so fucking much? I do 50-60 over the speed limit like 5 days a week on the highway for a good half hour and I've never once been pulled over.

  • Some of these bitchass states have very low speed limits. Y’all got 55’s in states with a population of a couple million 😂😂😂 everyone in California is pushing 85 in the carpool lane with no carpool. 😂😂😂

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