This homeless family with 6 children lives in a small hotel near St Louis

This homeless family with 6 children lives in a small hotel near St Louis

– [Interviewer] Michael
and Danielle and family! We’re here in Wentzville. And you guys are all
living in a hotel room. Actually, there’s a
couple more of you, even. – Yes. – [Interviewer] So else do we have here? – This is Kymara, this is Sierra, and this is Kyle. – [Interviewer] Gotcha. And there’s one hiding below
in the back there, so… (laughter) So, you’re about to come in, you’re packing up, because you’re out of money for the hotel. – Yes. – [Interviewer] With no place else to go. – Yes sir. – [Interviewer] Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. What’s it like living in a hotel? – It’s hard. Stressful. – Yeah, it’s stressful and hard. But it’s better than being on the streets. – [Interviewer] How did you
end up in this situation? Our… – Our landlord Our landlord didn’t pay
the mortgage payment, and they took the home… – Sheriff came and took
the home we were paying on. – [Interviewer] Really? – Yes sir. – [Interviewer] Oh my gosh. And then how long have you
been doing this hotel cycle? – Uh… – Almost a year now? Little over a year? – Yeah, we went to her ma’s her mom in bed also… – Yeah, she had a heart attack – We went there for a little bit. And then, she couldn’t
afford to pay her bills and I was giving what I could, but it wasn’t enough to support
two families at one time. – [Interviewer] You’re working? – Yes sir. – [Interviewer] It’s just not
enough to get out of here. – Pretty much so. – [Interviewer] Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Wow. And now the kids are in school? – Yes sir. – The oldest three are in school. – [Interviewer] That’s gotta be hard! – Oh yeah. – [Interviewer] It’s gotta
be hard on them and you! – It’s harder on them, I think. Than it is on us. – [Interviewer] So, oh my God. And this young one when I walked in said he was five? – Yes. – [Interviewer] He’s
happy, he just turned five. – Oh yeah. – He just turned five on Tuesday? – [Interviewer] So,
like even here, I mean, you have six kids. – Yes. – [Interviewer] When laundry comes around, there’s no laundry facility in this place. – There’s a partial laundry facility. It’s just not set up to do a full load on the money you pay the first go around, if that makes sense. – [Interviewer] So, how about meals? – Mmmm…a lot of microwave. – Yeah, a lot of microwave. What you see on the table is
what we have for our meals, right there. – What is that, like a skillet
thing that I can cook in… – Yeah. – [Interviewer] You guys are smiling! Looks like you’re making the best of it. – Not much you can do. – [Interviewer] Oh my gosh. – It’s not easy to smile. – It’s okay. – It’s not easy to smile. But for especially the younger ones, you don’t have a choice,
because they don’t understand that it’s not their fault. – [Interviewer] Well, it’s
not your fault either. – Yeah, you still feel
like you failed somewhere. – Yeah, you uh, It’s kinda hard when
you do everything right, you know, when you’re
doing the American dream, and you’re paying on something, and you’re working everyday, and the kids got nice clothes, and they’re going to school, and their friends stay the night. And then you get somebody
who takes advantage of you and takes your money and then
lets you continue to think that you have a home, the next thing you know,
you’ve got St. Charles county with four officers knocking on it, saying you’ve gotta get
off, you’re trespassing. They gave us two hours to empty that home. So this really, what you see, except for one small storage shed, is all we have left of home. Everything else we couldn’t
move it in two hours. That was it. – [Interviewer] I was once
addicted and given half an hour, so I know it happens. I can’t imagine having the
kids and the whole family, and having to move. It was just me. Man, my heart goes out to you. What would you want people
to know about homelessness, living in a hotel? Because this is, this is a face of homelessness
that they don’t see. – Um, put a smile on for your kids, and make the best that you can, you know? And pretty much like
us, if you’re gonna cry, try to…except for her right now, but if you’re going to try, try to go into the bathroom and cry, so the kids don’t see you. Cuz you know, dad’s ain’t supposed to cry. And that’s mom’s job, I guess, to cry. It’s okay to cry! – But you don’t know what
anyone’s going through or how they got where they are. – Oh yeah, people look at you and… – So don’t make the
assumption that you know. – Yeah, don’t assume that
because you don’t have a home, you know, with the economy it is nowadays, a lot of people are losing their homes, they’re making $30 an hour, but they can’t make the
ends meet with children. – [Interviewer] So they
end up in these hotels, which, as when we started, are still better than the streets. – Yeah, that’s the main thing. That’s why you know,
you don’t wanna be here, but you gotta roof over your head, – And it keeps everyone together. – Yeah. My daddy always
told me before he died, home is what you make it. You know? And I go to work, I come
in here and take my shower, play with the kids, and then, God knows, I try to go to bed in time to
get up at 3:30 in the morning! You know, I’ve got kids sleeping with me, and she has the monsters with her, and this monster kicks around… Yep, you sleep with your daddy. – [Interviewer] Well,
if you had three wishes, what would they be? – Um, – Three wishes for us, or
three wishes in general? – [Interviewer] Three wishes
any way you want to slice ’em. – Three wishes for me
would be to pretty much… Stability for the children
but also in homelessness for like my father, he
came home from Vietnam and my mom and him were
on the street because everybody spit on him when
he got back from the war. – [Interviewer] So he’s
out on the streets? – Oh, my father passed. He passed seven years ago, but when he first came
back from Vietnam… He did three tours and
they lost their home when he was gone. And pretty much to have all the money you can when you see people on
the side of the road to give them money, and… – More understanding. Because you don’t realize how fast… – [Interviewer] This happens. – Oh yeah. Blink of an eye. – And how fast it can quickly be you. – [Interviewer] So Mama, three wishes? – Um, other than the
stability for my kids? That’s my biggest one,
the stability for my kids. Permanent. What we had. – Yeah, what we had. What we worked for. – Um Other than that, a peaceful bath would be about the only thing I can say! – Oh wow, yeah. – That’s definitely something you miss. You don’t have that, I mean, you can run to the bathroom, but that doesn’t last very long! – [Interviewer] One more… – Cuz they find you! – Other than that? Basically, understanding. Because the kids are the ones, especially the older ones, like, the one that’s hiding behind me, it’s hard on them, and they
take a lot of flack for it. – I do too! – Um, yeah, okay. (laughs) Always gotta put his two cents in. – [Interviewer] Well,
thank you guys very much for talking to me. – You’re welcome. – I think I did more crying than talking. – [Interviewer] No, you guys are awesome. – No no no, Daddy don’t drink that. (laughter)

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  • I got the solution……….have some more kids…put them in a motel and go on welfare…easy….I am told he works…ok……..but don't tell me there is some kinda scam and welfare going on here…something…

  • Mark, the inhumane comments and absolute hate from others messes me up more than this video. They have love, they have a loving mom and a hard working dad. That's devastating their landlord didn't even warn them, took their money and didn't pay the mortgage they didn't asked for this. Prayers to them and you. ( The kindness below also restores some faith in humanity) love to all.

  • I feel blessed when i saw them, by grace of god today i own home car and a job, it feels that u require lot of budgetary plans so. God help this family.

  • I have to say.the interviewer is annoying as hell! Oh gosh! Oh gosh! Oh my gosh! That must be hard.of course is hard!!! Stop it!

  • Some of us at age 18 knew we never wanted to have kids. Yet when a woman tries to get her tubes tied everyone fights her on it. By law, it's easier in the USA to get an abortion at age 18 than it is to get your tubes tied. It's insane! If you can go to war at age 18, enlist, you're of sound enough mind to choose if you want a biological family or not. Even then, there's egg harvesting, adoption, step-children, there's other options. At age 18 a woman should be able to go into any clinic she wants and ask to get her tubes tied. Without a six month hassle from anyone.

  • why is nobody helping?? i dont think this must be.

    so do he work? what does he work or would like to?
    there must be a way to help them. it makes sad to know they live on the street with 6 kids!

    what happened so far? I hope they got help already.

  • I've been homeless on and off for many years with my mother. It completely changes u forever. But thank god we have a nice condo now that we've lived in for 19 years. But lve forever changed me. But its made me extremely strong.

  • Some of the comments on here are sick. ''They should be working and not having kids'' or whatever. I've lost faith in the human race.

  • I was homeless for 3 months with 2 children in my 20s……….and i thank jah it's over…theses families are so amazingly brave

  • Do they at less have a car? (To sleep) I blame the guy. (He don't know how to pull his dick out) faster care next stop???

  • I wish they did up date's.(.you have an email address don't you) then give it out to these viewers want to know

  • Personally I think those two scumbag parents should be put in jail and I guess the kids would have to go to an orphanage

  • Me and my husband are living in a hotel as well. For the past 6-7 months . I'm pregnant so I'm hoping we can save enough money to move before I have the baby . It's tiring and scary … I feel for this family. ?❤️

  • Damn…they seem like very nice people. We need an update video on them. I hope they got out of this cycle and have a nice house now.

  • I'm not sure what state this, this it's pretty standard, 2 hours for a eviction is definitely not legal no where.

  • They need to take responsibility, I knew we couldn’t afford a big family and did something after 3. How could those two do this to these kids!

  • OMG this is so amazing I am going through this as we speak. I love this. God bless all who are in this situation

  • I work 48 hours a week to support myself and my family. 48 hours and 3/4 of my check goes to rent. It's almost IMPOSSIBLE to survive. How sad. People judge us. It's okay God sees it! These people pay more than. People pay in four bedroom houses to put a roof over their kids head. That takes DEDICATION

  • My family lived in a hotel for 5 years and 8 months. We just moved out in April 2019 and OMG we are happy as hell. Hotel life is terrible, horrible, inconvenient but totally doable. We a family of 4 made it work and it wasn't easy at all. It forced us to look at ourselves and determine what our value actually was. We learned that home is where there is love.

  • So the sheriffs dept just kicks them out n doesn't care. Fk them, these poor ppl were doing what they were suppose to do n get screwed.

  • God be with you guys every step of your way everything is gonnaro be OK just remember this God purpose .

  • i wish Mark would stop saying Oh my gosh in most of his videos, because it sounds so rehearsed or fake. He is such a giving man with a wonderful heart with this program, but the oh my gosh seems so fake.

  • Feel bad for the kids, not the parents. Selfish stupid people making babies they can’t afford to raise.

  • Father God we lift up our brother and sister and they family with prayer and fasting please God may you open doors for a home We Love you God where would we be without you Jesus Christ Amen

  • It does make sense for anyone to have 6 kids. I mean, I feel bad for their situation. Seriously. But even before eviction, they had nothing bc they went from rent to streets? Kids are beautiful. Well cared for. No assumptions, but no one should have this many kids. What is the purpose in this day and age. Of course they want the best for their kids.

  • Work??? Can they work??? They're not handicap!! Stop having babies. Find help I a day care so they can have daycare ect… use food stamps ect… but work!!! That's the key?

  • You don't have any children if you don't have a career r trade n own your own house and make enough to take care of your self and your wife n children ??

  • First of all you need to start using protection and take responsibility. Second of all you both should be working and I know Child Care is expensive but the state will help you pay for some of the cost. Being stuck is no fun and my condolences to the family.

  • I travel far and got put out cause the family seen how they was taking them older people money taking from the own im a sweet nice hard worker and still end up homeless ok im strong i was broke they played me out my money i got with jesus and now im winning god bless your family

  • @Johnny Motown: It's the elephant in the room no one wants to discuss: over population. In third world countries around the globe you see places of drought and famine, and women having 6 or more kids without a thought as to how they will be able to provide for them. Indira Ghandi was ahead of her time in setting up birth control stations in her country to assist women with family planning. You have the first one, make sure you have the resources necessary for her/him before having more. This couple has 6? How far did that factor into their "situation"?

  • I know this is about 6/7 years old,but it is clear the commenters then and now did not watch or understand this video.The kids were born before they lost their home.Mom may have been pregnant at the time of eviction.The thing is they were doing what countless people do all over the world.They were renting and taking care of their family.While many,many go onto to eventually own their homes without a disaster befalling them, with no significant savings to back them up ,this family was not so lucky.Having a lot of kids is not necessarily a recipe for disaster,as there are homeless people with no kids.That argument is not really saying anything.Sure, saving money is the way to go,but there again you have single people with no kids who are barely getting by and can't save .This family may have had some savings but used it all .It happens.All. The. Time.Having savings is no guarantee that disaster will not wipe you out.So many commenting on saving and not doing this and not doing that,i wonder how many of them actually have 2 years or more worth of savings should misfortune strike.Savings can be wiped out pretty quickly in these days and times.It is pretty easy to give advice or belittle someone when nothing truly awful financially has happened to one.It sometimes takes being in a similar predicament to understand how quickly things can change despite our best efforts.

  • A while ago I googled how to prevent homeless, and google says save money for rainy days such as save at least 6 months of your rent, etc. How we are going to save money if our salary can' barely pay the rent and expensive food, unless you eat trash food. And I am talking about one person, not a family of 3. I think a couple would be even easier than a single person because the poor couple would have 2 incomes.

  • OH JESUS PLEASE BIND THIS FAMILY TO YOU. I ask thee oh Lord to cause your children to keep them before you in strong prayer in Jesus name.

  • I know this is an old video and I hope this family made it out of this situation. At the start of the video, the interviewer said this family is in a hotel in Wentzville, Missouri. I once live in St Charles, Missouri which is up a few miles up the highway from Wentzville so I can tell you, they were in an expensive area. I lived in an apartment when I was in st Charles and my rent was nearly $900 a month. This was in 2003-2005. Six kids is a lot of mouths to feed and in an area like Wentzville, I doubt they stayed there very long.

  • People have to stop having kids they can't afford to take care of . I've always was told this since a was young

  • This why ppl gotta stop buying drugs, going out to eat all the time , and learn to invest !!!!

  • My mom did not pay the mortgage and still she charge me for rent for a year $1200 plus secure deposit plus parking $200 a month and I was helping her pay her bills.
    Well now I have 7days to move
    I can't find a place with 4kids and 3dogs. Why so many dogs ?my mom gave me her dogs she is living out of state and she doesn't care what happen to the dogs or her grandchildren or my self being one step of homeless?.
    hope I can find a place asp. My husband is looking for a place but no luck. California is so hard to find a decent place to rent agencies are the ones getting over all the houses and they make it so hard to qualify? plus is a $50 application fee por every appartment that apply

  • It's RARE to see Homeless Mexicans ~Because if they lose their job they will take any jobs unlike "WHITE PEOPLE"?!

  • I'm sure I'm going to get some comments on this but this is what Congress should be working on American homeless

  • Alot of mouths to feed plus people to put a roof over. College time will there quicker than they think too. What was their plan? I guess the kids will start their life as adults with a load of student debts if something doesn't get better.

  • How did this interview improve the family's circumstances? I pray more than a YouTube video was the outcome of them sharing their hard situation. God bless them and if the interviewer had or gave no resources Shame on him!!! Is there an update video?

  • Hope we get to a point in our worlds history where we can allow ourselves to feel fully.
    May this family's life be enriched and strengthened

  • I always leave positive comments and I support the homeless people. We can all end up homeless at any time. BUT I do think that in this day and age with how over populated our world has become and with the shortage of resources etc….people need to keep the number of kids they have small. I honestly do not wish to offend anyone.
    Facts: Rent prices are rising, rental availability is dwinddling. Food cost is rising. Global warming is causing our weather patterns to go ballistic and that means more natural disasters which means more peoples homes being destroyed via tornadoes and freak snow storms, floodings and drought all over the world mind you not just in America.
    There are less jobs available for the working class people and even the middle classes are struggling …The world seems to have been inherited by the 1% and greed runs rampant. Greed is in vogue at the top.
    I'm hearing 21 year old kids saying they dont want to bring children into this unstable and chaotic world.
    Again i need you all to know im not here to judge but merely point out that non of us have the luxury to bring that many children into this world. Those kids are absolutely adorable and I am sure they are very much loved and looked after but it is a very sad and volatile situation for them going forwards.. I just wish them the very best but i ask anyone reading this to please consider not having having anymore than 1 or 2 kids . God bless ?❤

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