Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu 2 | Tamil Movie | Flashback Scene | Vikranth | Arthana Binu (English Subtitle)

Take a good decision
as soon as possible. Why does the doctor say so?
-Don’t weep. Nothing will happen
to our son. I’m very panic. Hey,what? Why’re you weeping like a child?
What happened? Our son when playing,
suddenly fainted. We’re panic-stricken
and took him to the hospital. They say he has
some problem in his heart. Told us to take him
to a speciality hospital. They say,we have to
spend a lot of money. Where will I go for
huge money? Where will I go for
huge money? Take this. Give the vehicle
to the financier. Ask him to hold the due
and get the balance… … to pay in hospital.
-No, brother. It might lead to fuss at home.
-You go, I’ll manage. Why do you throw
the vessels? What’s your angst? You yell at me now, Are you aware,
what he has done? You helped him to buy a car
by selling jewellery. But,he lost that,Mom.
-Oh no! What to do now? Oh,Kabaddi…Kabaddi…
He’ll make us to bear the burden. He has come,
The great! Don’t talk, please. He is irresponsible, you also…
be quiet,Mom. I have to work hard,
even to earn ten rupees. We have a girl at home. How will we manage
her marriage? Everything will be spoilt,
if he is irresponsible. What human he is? What,dear? Nothing gets into his mind. Mom,I’m talking here,
but he doesn’t consider. Hey,I’ll ask him.
You be quiet. You stop nagging me
and subdue him,first. He goes along with the guys
to places, to play Kabaddi. Have you ever asked him? You scold me
even,if I ask him. I told you to be quiet.
-What do you think of him? Stop that. How dare you talk of him
disrespectfully? Do you know
about your Father? “Vennila Kabaddi Team’s”
player Saamy is going for a ride. Kabaddi…Kabaddi… Kabaddi…Kabaddi…
-Let him come. Kabaddi…Kabaddi… Kabaddi…Kabaddi…
-Let him come… Kabaddi…Kabaddi… Kabaddi…Kabaddi…
-Hold him tightly. Kabaddi…Kabaddi… Kabaddi…Kabaddi…
-Catch him… Kabaddi…Kabaddi… Kabaddi…Kabaddi…
-Block him. Kabaddi…Kabaddi… Saamy,you made it! Superb! brother. Saamy,Superb! Saamy, astonishing! Brother, he”s Saamy. “Vennila Kabaddi Team” has
earned three more points… …and in leading with 36 points. Kabaddi…Kabaddi… Kabaddi…Kabbadi…
-Let him come. Kabbadi…Kabaddi…
-Wait… Kabaddi…Kabaddi…
-Catch… Excellent game! “Vennila Kabaddi Team” is
getting one more point. Kabaddi…Kabaddi… Two plus two… “Vennila Kabaddi team” has
won four points. With a total of forty one points, “Vennila Kabaddi Team” has
won the match greatly. Saamy,you made it. Lift him. Saamy, you were excellent.
We have won. Super… Go slow. Go.
-Let him come. Kabaddi…Kabaddi…
Just like that… Just like that… Get in…
Mom! Oh,no… Oh no… It’s paining.
-Saravana,are you hurt? What happened?
-Why do you do this? It’s paining. It’s so common to
get hurt when playing. Is that so serious? I don’t like,dad. I don’t like this Kabaddi. It’s okay,learn slowly.
Then you’ll get acquainted. I don’t like,dad. Saamy has played excellently. He is the lion to
the opponent team. The team which plays tomorrow
is not weak. If you be careless,
they’ll take a point. Saamy alone will revert
them all. Sir,did you call me? You’ve to do a help. What’s that,tell me? You must not play in
tomorrow’s final match. Why? You listen to me
patiently. In tomorrow’s match,
the opponent to you is… …SK cotton mills team.
The captain is my brother. If they win this match,
three of them will be… … selected for police job,
which’ll make their future bright. If you give up, My brother’s team will win easily. Sir,you say this so easily. Do you think of winning
the game,not by playing? It’s wrong,sir. If you think it as wrong,
you can take money. I’ll give you. You’re converting the game
into business. Then, what’s your decision? Then, what’s your decision? We’ll meet in the ground,sir. Face is the index of the mind. Has everyone done the homework?
-yes,teacher. Those who didn’t do,get up. Why didn’t you do
the homework? Teacher,my dad told me
to sleep early. Why? Because,my dad wants to
talk with my mom. You must do the homework,
isn’t it? Why didn’t you do? Why didn’t you do? Stretch your hand? Why didn’t you do?
-My hands are painful. Will you come without
doing the homework? What are you looking at there? Teacher,you hit me as
I didn’t do the homework. Even,Saravanan didn’t do.
Hit him. Saravanan,get up. Why do you see him?
Get up. They accepted their fault,
and got the punishment. But, you’re silent.
Get up. Didn’t you do
the homework? Stretch your hand.
Both the hands. Stretch your hands… Are you cheating? At this tender age,
they tell lies. If anyone comes tomorrow
without writing,you’ll be punished. Hey… Hey… Hey,I’m afraid. You try. If I know to hit,
I would’ve done earlier. My hands are painful. You got hit only in one hand
but, I got in both the hands. It’s painful. It’s paining! My hands
too are in pain. Please… It would’ve been better,
if she had hit us in private. But she hit us
infront of Manimegallai. I fell very insulted. Hey, she has come, hit her. Some one has hit the teacher. Hey, let’s run away.
Run… Will they hit a child
so badly? If something happens,
who’ll be responsible? Children will always be naughty. For such flimsy issues,
will they hit the child? No, dear. We should’nt let this go easily. You should also be
a bit strict. Hey, He is not matured
enough to understand. Okay, dear. I’m leaving. There is a match, tomorrow. Okay. Take care of him. Is this Saravanan’s home? Look like, someone is calling. Who is Saravanan? He is my son.
What happened? A complaint has been
filed on Saravanan. Complaint? That’s a small issue.
Will anyone complaint? I’m not aware of that,
Inspector asked me to bring him. Okay, I’ll come. Okay, I’ll come. Inspector isn’t well mannered.
Be careful. Sir, you go
I”ll come…. I’ll come for sure.
-Bring him soon. I’ll go to station and check. Hey, is this the way to
raise the children? We’re being toiled,
for your irresponsibility. Where is Saravanan? His father is getting him.
-You would’ve got him. He said he’ll come,sir. He said he’ll come,sir. Saamy,why are you here? Sir,he is the father
of that guy. Oh,is he Saravanan’s father?
-Yes,sir. What discipline
you taught him? In future,these guys grow up
as big hooligans. Sir…
My son is not like that. He might’ve done something
playfully with his friends. Is it playful? Do you know,
where it is hurt? In eye socket. The teacher,who got
hurt is serious. Her husband has
filed a complaint. Do you know, what’s the
punishment for his act? 307, attempt to murder.
-You mean,murder? Hey,
-Sir… Hey,
-Sir… File a FIR and get him. These children must be
sent to Juvenile school. Sir, please wait. He did unknowingly.
Sir… I can’t do anything. I will file FIR and
send him to court. You go there. This is the problem
of his life,sir. Don’t play. Saamy, you don’t play
with the law. Those who did fault
must be punished. What’s the solution,sir? The solution is in your hands. I shouldn’t play the
match tomorrow, isn’t it?

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