Zorbit’s Home-Learning Kit: Para-Dice Horse Race

Hello, everybody! I’m Adam Bishop, an educational designer with the Zorbit’s Math Team, and just like you, I’m here with my family, staying inside and making sure we’re keeping everybody safe But, we can’t just have people online playing digital games all day, so we’ve created an at-home learning package that we’ll be sending out And I just wanted to give you a quick walkthrough of what my girls have been working on and hopefully that’ll help you run some of these activities. The idea here is you want to make sure you’re asking lots of questions about the math. So over here, we’re rolling a single dice and just recording where it happens. The questions that we’ll want to ask are “How many to get to the end of the track?” We’re working on number sense, we’re working on data management, but it’s all about just having a conversation about numbers. We can make it a little bit more difficult for some older kids. We can roll multiple dice at a time, We can compare multiple runs through the race and see, do we always get the same answer or do we get different winners of the race each time? And that’s an important start to conversations about probability. Finally, we can take it a step further and we can roll two die — higher level of number sense — and then plot things using a bar graph or even a line graph If you want to go an extra step. Again, we can have conversations about what happens if we roll a couple of more times, can we predict the next roll, Why does the middle of the graph seem so much bigger than the rest? So it’s all about just having that conversation, keeping things light, Make it into a game, just have some fun. We included this colouring sheet in there too and really we can just go ahead and colour it. We have numbers in there that we can colour, Or we can add an extra bit of fun. We’ve done some interesting colour designs on some. Just roll the die, start from left to right, Colour whatever colour the die indicates and see what kind of strange, different ponies we can create! I hope that helps! Hopefully you’ll have some fun with this and we can keep the math going at home And keep our families entertained and safe during these times. There is a message from the Bishop girls, before we sign off! Remember, math is fun!

event_note March 25, 2020

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